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Glimpses of A Historic, Ocean-Front Home in Georgica Association of the Hamptons

photos by Tamara Stephenson

An Awe-Inspiring View of this
Hampton's Style Home on the
East Hampton Historic Tour

photo by Tamara Stephenson
 these three photos (two above and one below) credit: 
Daniel Gonzalez, The New York Times
Thanksgiving weekend I attended the annual East Hampton Historic House Tour.  My favorite part of the holiday weekend each year is this rare opportunity to view some of the East End of Long Island's most historic homes.  Take a look at this ocean-front one which stopped us in our tracks. A typical Hampton-style house with cedar shingles, but taken up a notch with a nuanced, sea-washed location nestled between the dunes and the ocean.  This sprawling family home dates back to 1877.  The house seems to tell a story of generations, a family living in this historic association, a 100-acre enclave called Georgica Association.  Squired away from the bustling Hamptons, Georgica has communal tennis courts, an 18th-century windmill, sailboat regattas and a friendly neighborhood that feels to have traveled back in time. Summer colonists discovered Georgica way back in 1892, well after the home was built.  My son played lacrosse with a group of boys on the grassy fields in Georgica when he was in elementary school at the Buckley School, and it was the highlight of our summer to spend quiet afternoons in this bucolic fields overlooking the ocean.  

 The home is called Kilkare, and it has an extravagant view of the crashing ocean from almost every window.  History tells that the home was built by shipbuilders for the Edward family, descendants of an 18th-century Congregationalist Protestant theologian, Jonathan Edwards.   Deeply influenced with Gothic and Victorian architecture, the home boasts an abundance of fireplaces, interesting detailing and lots and lots  of windows.  

Oh, did I mention the house is for sale for a cool 50-something million?  
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