Monday, January 22

What We Love for 2018: Kelly Wearstler's Halcyon Light Series

Our short & sweet summer column is back this winter because sometimes you need a little inspiration... 
What We Love Today Column:
The Halcyon Light Series
We hand-pick individual wares or collections to showcase here in this column, items that may be new to the market, or have been around a bit, but either way, they feel fresh and yet timeless at the same time.  These top our list and we see them as a cut above the rest for the home.  

2018 for me is all about lighting, and I love to mix up a classically designed room with modern art and lighting.  The new lighting today on the market is the most unusual I've seen in decades, and runs the gambit of all shapes sizes and design aesthetics.  What I love about Kelly Wearstler in general is her ability to interpret design and then make it her own, offering us something completely different. 

This Halcyon light series created by Wearstler with Visual Comfort includes desk and floor lamps, flush mount, pendant and chandelier lights, as well as wall sconces offered in a variety of finishes and glass options. The series has many eclectic lights all with antique-burnished brass finish, and with all-natural quartz and cut quartz crystal detailing which reflects and illuminates the light sources creating a soft effect.  The end result feels a little bit of hippie dippie crystal magic with mid-century modernism in the mix, and yet it all feels modern.  It's  "what we love today" and tops our list for 2018.
This week I am embarking upon a barrage of design inspiration while heading to Paris for both French fabric show, Deco-off and design show Maison Objet.  We promise to bring back some of our favorites to add to this informative column sharing what we love! 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara