Monday, June 27

Summer styling with artistically designed tiles by MollyCoddle

 This week let's giveaway a
fun, decorative tile
from Mollycoddle in Michigan!

Entrepreneur Molly Mackey (Mollycoddle)  produces a line of French and Italian tiles that can function as a trivet. They are beautiful and made in the glorious USA. 

Here's an opportunity to win a beautiful hand painted tile inspired by photography for your summer entertaining this year. 
Simply leave a comment on Nest by clicking the dandelion above and suggest to me a creative way to use my MollyCoddle lemon adorned tile this summer and you may win a tile for your summer fun! 

First, come along on a journey of design inspirations for a moment: 

It's that time of year, when we all start to focus on nature...   

 let me just throw up some random summer things I like:  Thistle

 walking on the beach
photographs by Gabby Stephenson
flowers from the farmer's market in Sag Harbor
fruits, vegetables and of course my favorite of all, lemons

Ever since I spent a beautiful honeymoon (19 years ago today) with my hubby on the island of Capri, Italy and the Amalfi Coast, I have been literally obsessed with lemons and images of lemons in art.  I know this seems random but everywhere you go in this other worldy place on earth, lemons infuse.  I will never forget one evening in particular walking up a hill to a beautiful outdoor restaurant.  We sat under a pergola covered with lemons perfuming the air.  This memory stays with me and whenever I think of Italy,  lemons come to my mind. 
I was pleasantly surprised on an April gloomy day when a package arrived with an exquisite lemon tile as a gift from MollyCoddle, and all the way from Michigan. 
Molly creates these unique tiles, which are inspired by photographs from nature.  To my wonder they seem to capture all my favorite summer images-lavender fields in Provence, flowers in outdoor markets, potted hydrangeas and lemons everywhere!

What a treat when I received this lovely gift: 
a handwritten note and two tiles. 

How did she know I love lemons?  

pink hydrangea

 I've got some great ways to use my new tiles.

As a trivet for a summer picnic perhaps? 

A centerpiece on my table under the pergola. 

Hang them next to my other lemon pieces of art? 

What's a girl to do with so many choices -
why don't you leave me a comment and suggest how I can incorporate them into my summer decorating and entertaining plans? 

hydrangeas, tulips, citrus, Parisian markets, meadows and pastoral scenes -- it seems MollyCoddle tiles have an inspiring tile for all our favorite images --
check out the array of tiles to choose from on Mollycoddle website

In one week I'll randomly choose a name from those of you who have commented
will send along your very own tile. 

Thank You
and to all my viewers --
I hope you win a lemon tile for summer. 
Good Luck!

MollyCoddle Lemon (Limone from Italy)
want your very own lemon time, you can order here

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by this June
for views and ideas
on summer decorating & entertaining.

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Anonymous said...

I remember those lemons in Italy too. Oh I would love one of these tiles and I say hang them on a kitchen wall as display on little tacks so you can use them too. Julie of Indigo Design

Lisa said...

Oh I bought little lemon soaps in Positano and they smell like Italy!
I would display the tile on a plate holder on my counter together with a bowl full of fresh lemons and a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade.

melissa said...

I love her tiles! I would find a way to incorporate them into a simple back splash! Melissa Wolfe

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope I win because I would use those as lovely coasters for my Lemonade. Cindy Westler (visiting you at your fun beach house)

Renae Moore said...

I love those tiles Tamara! I would put them on my coffee table as art before using them as coasters!
I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and it's not too hot!

Anonymous said...

fun to catch up with you today and visit your fresh blog -- thanks for the lemon visions. I would use the lemon tiles in my bathroom to hold my soap perhaps? Beth

Anonymous said...

what about a backsplash of many lemon tiles in my kitchen and behind the sink? that would be pretty. Rebecca S.

Anonymous said...

I want an invitation to that beach party. Looks like alot of fun but heck of a pile to carry back to the car. enjoy it and the summer. Best Wishes, Charlotte Little