Friday, November 16

I am excited to be a contributing editor to the Fall Issue of TradHome magazine

If you have not already opened up the new issue of 
TradHome magazine, 
which is the new online magazine published by 
Traditional Home magazine's publishing house Meredith
I encourage you to check it out here above.
 Editor-In-Chief Ann Maine asked me to be a part of this special issue 
where they dedicate much of the magazine to offering readers design "hot spots" from around the country.  We brainstormed about this fun idea of me reaching out to a variety of interior design blogger friends to ask each of them their special "go to" for design.  We put it together on an interactive map (one of the beauties of online publishing) with a star on the map for each of the 15 design bloggers recommendation around the country.  If you click on each star you will go to a separate page for that blogger and their recommendation.  
This is a great way to bring readers design secrets from those 
who have their finger on the pulse of interior design.
here's my recommendation, 
English Country Antiques 
in Bridgehampton, Long Island
Here are the 14 other bloggers with links to their blog
who graciously gave up their 
design secret weapon:  

I am very grateful to all of these talented folks.  
I am friends with each and every one of them
and read their blogs, so I hope you can check them out.
I tried to choose talents from various regions 
of the country to give variety.  
It was difficult because I am a fan of many design bloggers
so I hope to do something like this again in 
the future to incorporate more of my talented design
blogger friends into a story:

Happy Nesting XO