Welcome to Nest by Tamara

Welcome to Nest by Tamara
Since 2008 I've been writing Nest by Tamara, a lifestyle blog inspired by my busy life as a NYC interior designer. I muse about all that encompasses “nesting.” Stop back to discover my favorite interior design finds and tabletop and entertaining tips, while I advise you on ways to keep creativity as your secret weapon, so you can seamlessly incorporate myriad styles and wares together in your home as you juggle a full life. I hope to help you create a stylish yet well-lived in home while putting it all into perspective. Email me at TamaraStephenson1@gmail.com

Saturday, December 29

Is emerald green the new black? Happy New Year 2013!

thoughts about the "it" color,
what's not to love about the beauty of a rustic barn with a pop of vivid color green
Monet's Garden - at his home in Giverny, France

 emerald green is certainly not a new color and it has been used in art, interior design, fashion and appears in nature over and over again
I have always loved emerald green,
so much so that I painted my living room
the jewel tone a few years back. 
the color is dramatic, flattering yet feels light although evokes richness. 
Whenever I see emerald as a room's painted color I
am smitten...
 It is quite funny how each year we roll out a "new" color, dust it off and proclaim it to be "the" color. 
It then holds importance, and we suddenly
see the hue everywhere.


house beautiful 

I saw lots of green in my design travels recently
at the Pearson showroom at Highpoint Furniture Market
even a mudroom holds panache
when painted a glossy emerald
Tory Burch's home
Sometimes bright and bold colors can breath life into a home
 and green is a happy color,
so it's no surprise to me to hear people sing its praise. 
 it takes cues from the green of boxwood,
and spring grass, and of course,
the sparkling beauty of a cut stone

So, cheers to the celebration of emerald green, and let's raise a champagne toast to the color. 
I hope for luster from emerald to get us through the dull days of winter ahead.
 I like to combine blues and greens in a home. 
In nature there are lots of pairings of these two colors
where the land and water meet
emerald is quite flattering to wear 
I love green pinterest board
It lights up my wardrobe, and just the right green (not too muddy and more on the fresh side) can add sparkle to the sea of black. 
Did I mention it looks good on almost everyone? 

Happy New Year 2013!
Happy Nesting XO