Friday, December 14

Fa La La La La La La La La from Jolly NYC's Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window Display

Bergdorf Goodman's windows are infamous,
and have been portrayed in countless movies,
television shows and novels
Cast of Characters windows
2012 Bergdorf Goodman

Every year I am smitten with the holiday windows in New York City, but none are more dramatic than the festive Bergdorf displays.  Ever since I was a little girl and my favorite show was "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas (okay I'm dating myself but how cool is that show if you've seen re-runs?).  Marlo played a young actress who recently moved to the Upper West Side of NYC with big dreams of becoming an actress, and in the process took funny, menial jobs until her "big break" came.  Being a single girl in the 70's in NYC - well, it's classic!

  Marlo Thomas looks at a mannequin image
of herself in a store window at Bergdorf's
and all designed by Halston.
This year's windows are fabulous
A Cast of Thousands
portrays an Old New York - stylish and over the top, 
and judging from the fashion and bits of architectural detailing
of chandeliers and tableware it captures the essence of the
Art Deco era - check it out in all its splendor

Out for an afternoon to take in the NYC wonders,
my camera rightfully captures the energy of a blistery day on Fifth Avenue
The famous Plaza Hotel is caught in the background of my image!

exquisite detailing

A lil history about my favorite department store and the Bergdorf displays:
Herman Bergdorf, an immigrant from France opened a tailor shop in the Union Square neighborhood of NYC in 1899. Edwin Goodman partnered up with Bergdorf in 1906 and they moved to 32nd street creating a reputation as couturiers and introduced the ready-to-wear fashion of today. Popular with both French and American ladies, Bergdorf moved in 1928 to its present home on 58th street and fifth avenue in the beautiful Beaux-Arts style building, which is the former Cornelius Vanderbilt II mansion
 I  picked up the reflection of the busy NYC scenes - cabs, holiday shoppers and the beautiful architecture that surrounds the store
blog pal Carrie Leskowtiz and I whisk on up to restaurant BG for a fabulous lunch, and take in the incredible fantasy designs - did I mention the 7th floor is my favorite place in NYC to take inspiration?

Bergdorf brings together fashion and home spendidly

a Kelly Wreastler display next to the BG restaurant she decorated
I hope this brought you some "Holiday Spirit"
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara
it's always more fun to experience holiday windows with a friend -
check out Carrie's stylish blog Carrie's Design Musings