Tuesday, February 12

Inspired by the designs of Naeem Kahn during Fashion Week in NYC's Lincoln Center

the Naeem Khan show 
today in Lincoln Center during Fashion Week 
I was inspired by the dramatic, black backdrop set with
theatrical lighting to showcase  
vivid red, a more moody peacock-blue and black frocks with shimmering details. 

often what you see in magazines is the glitzy part of a show...
the beautiful sweat-free models cascading down the runway
in the designer's garments. 
 However, just like all things well orchestrated and designed, 
there is much going on to make it
look effortless.
these two photographs courtesy 

the press huddled together 
in just the right perch to catch the perfect shot
the lighting and stage are set, tweaked and set again
There are months, sometimes years of work, the designer puts into a Collection.
The day of the event, 
everyone's backstage adjusting where needed.

Today, the music was choreographed by DJ Chelsea Leyland who
worked a medley of tunes
creating an artistic, international ambience.

 Nest by Tamara's video of Naeem Khan Show
catch a few minutes of my video {clearly amateur}
to hear the music and feel the tone
The ethereal figures walked the runway showing 47 pieces, 
and illustrating the finer details of Khan's designs.  
But, let us not forget that fashion is like a fantasy world, and unlike other areas of our lives, we long to be transported and inspired beyond our imaginations.  The powerful color choices Khan showcased together with asymmetrical sleeves and fabric cascading off  the body, creates that fantasy for us.  The shimmering details of sequins, beading, gold and silver against black garments and muted tones transports us to somewhere exotic.  
Bravo to Naeem Khan, 
an Indian born designer hailing from a family with deep roots in the fashion world.  
He has clearly caught the attention of celebrities (Matt Damon and wife were in the audience in front of me) and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama is smitten with his work.  
It appears we are all under his spell.  
 read today's review in the
 NY Daily News

What is the "nesting"  take away for me?
I am inspired to use a little bit more "bling" in my home with sparkling accessories and details.  I long to bring in shots of this particularly highly charged hue of red and darker peacock- blue  into my interior design.  I am also enamored with the way his fabric moves, and it encourages me to make a pair of curtains that fall that same way, with the image of them cascading in the breeze of an open window as my guide.  

Happy Nesting XO

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