Friday, April 26

Blanco's Siligranit sink in CINDER: the "Little Black Dress" of sinks

What is it about the 
little black dress 
that feels 
both comforting and stylish?
dress by Lela Rose, Resort 2013 Collection
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the other day while looking through my closet for something classic to wear out for the evening I noted amongst all the colorful pieces that jumped out at me there were many quiet little black dresses.  These black numbers seemed to wait patiently, quietly garnering my attention.  I had to ask myself why I almost always instinctively reach for the quality black dress when heading out for the evening.   I realize it's the lovely silhouette that the color black provides, it's flattering, yet forgiving, and can change moods completely depending upon which shoes or jewelry I pair it with.  Black is like a blank slate.  Additionally, somehow the craftsmanship and details of a spectacular piece is highlighted when created in the color black.  
meet the lil' black dress of sinks: 
in the color Cinder
A few days ago I wrote about the values of a neutral kitchen, and how the soothing palette works well as a backdrop for the colorful food we prepare daily.  On that same topic, while looking to vary a bit from the usual (although classic) farmhouse sink, I noted at the Kitchen and Bath show in New Orleans this year many new state-of-the-art sinks in varying sizes and shapes, and in unusual shades.  
Did I mention I have pined away for a black or grey sink for quite some time? 
I love the clean look of the aesthetic of a dark sink, and to me, it is the ultimate neutral alternative to white, yet it is certainly a departure from avocado colored kitchens which were all the rage in the 1970s.  There have been colored sinks on the market before but not until the Blanco SILGRANIT® have I felt so giddy about a sink.  This color is called Cinder,  but there are 8 colors to choose from and 23 shapes.  The dark gray/almost black color is dramatic, structured with rich black and brown particles. Cinder will also be available in other Blanco models soon. 
It feels sculptural and artistic,
 and the aesthetic works equally well 
in both a contemporary or traditional styled kitchen.  
Thank goodness for new technologies because The SILIGRANIT, like many of the newly launched sinks I saw at KBIS this year, is fade, heat and scratch resistant  An added bonus that works well in a busy kitchen, is it's Hygienic+Plus surface, which acts 
 as a shield to dirt and bacteria.  This new technology makes for a safer kitchen when preparing food.  
With more black and grey products for kitchens being launched this year, it is refreshing to note the interior design world is realizing what the fashion industry has coveted for quite some time:  
the value and secret style weapon of the color black.