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Luxurious spa-like baths and innovative kitchens this spring, but thoughtful for the environment as well.

While visiting the KBIS show in New Orleans 
I was able to take in many of the local sites.  
Here I am with fellow BlogtourNOLA pals 
hanging out in a bathtub seat at a local flea market
We toured many of the vendor booths and symposiums
at KBIS, 
and I noted interesting trends in
bathroom design.
Words like
luxury, decadence and spa
come to mind, and
don't usually pair with
water-saving, recycling and "green"
but these two philosophies 
play nicely together this spring. 
I think many would agree, the ultimate bathroom has a heated towel rack, large over sized tub, beautiful tile paving the floor, a luxurious toilet with bidet and warm seat options, and of course a steam option in the shower,
completing the package of a spa bathroom in your home. 

luxury bathrooms brought to KBIS from Mr. Steam
 One of the reasons this seems to be in the forefront of our thoughts may have been answered by my friend, Los Angeles interior designer Lori Gilder.  Gilder was invited by KBIS, along with a select group of designers, to present innovative design plans to show attendees. I was struck with the thorough kitchen plan she designed for a GenXer couple.  Gilder played to the crowd, showing her design expertise and had clearly done her research.
the talented bunch of designers bringing their kitchen plans to KBIS
Gilder told us 52 Million people were born between 1965 and 1981, making this large group of consumers currently aged between their 30s and early 50s. This important group making up the Generation X members are interested in luxury, yet they understand the importance of being conscientious towards the environment.  

This may explain why both luxury and "green" philosophies were heavily emphasized at KBIS this year.  I noted many brands launching state-of-the-art products with the highest quality and options, yet with features offering recycled material, water saving techniques and energy saving properties.  I left KBIS longing for my very own home steam shower, just like in a spa.  Who wouldn't love a heated towel rack to boot.  
wall mounted seats in oiled teak  
one of the many options Mr. Steam brings to showers and baths
Mr. Steam offers eco-friendly steam products for the home.  
 Their most popular model uses only 1 gallon of water per 20 minute use.  They also create products utilizing 100% recyclable stainless steel, inside and out.  Additionally, the Mr. Steam systems allow homeowners to improve the quality of their lifestyle, while embracing a holistic, healthy life. An example of this is the new Auto Flush system, option,  which introduces fresh, clean water each steam bath and providing clean steam every time. 
botanical oils in the heated towel racks infuses the air with myriad of scents

“Social responsibility is a catalyst for Mr.Steam’s innovative design of ecologically conscious, water conserving steambath products,” states Charles Monteverdi, president of Mr.Steam.  “Today’s savvy homeowners have a vested interest in using green products.  Buying from companies like Mr.Steam fulfill the need to have only eco-friendly products for their home.”
combining the steam options with Chakra oil, 
sign me up!

The Mr. Steam blog offers regular recipes for facials and skincare as well.

Now, let's take a look at the fabulous GenXer kitchen Lori Gilder designed below: 
Lori Gilder
Dream It!   Plan It!   Design It!  Live It!

Happy Nesting XO

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