Monday, May 6

A giveaway on Nest by Tamara, beautiful emerald green framed prints from J. Pocker framing

I am happy to offer a spring gift, 
 a "giveaway"
 for reading  
Nest by Tamara!
has generously given me a pair of these gorgeous chair prints, 
which are illustrated then painted 
in the Pantone color of the year, 
Emerald Green.  

the story began when the framing company invited me to their shop on 63d and Lexington Avenue in New York City for a press breakfast, then generously offered to frame my own art in order to showcase their quality work.
I was over the moon.  You may remember I wrote about the beautiful prints which hang over my bed in my Tiffany blue-colored bedroom.  Soon, J. Pocker's owner, Robyn Pocker and I began chatting about a charity event I am helping to organize for the IFDA organization on May 16.  The event is called Take A Seat chair auction, and is concurring simultaneously with both our Japan and California chapters.  In NYC, 24 local designers are up-cycling chairs, which will then be displayed in the Lillian August showroom and windows starting today, and on display until the auction on May 16.  Interior designer Jamie Drake and professional auctioneer Karl Green will conduct a live auction of all the chairs, and proceeds will go to hurricane victims (locally to Hurricane Sandy victims, and in Japan to the Tsunami victims).  
Read details about the event, 
as well as the  NYC designer's profiles HERE 
and order tickets for the May 16 auction 
 J. Pocker graciously offered these pretty chair prints, then framed the pair in these gorgeous gilt wood frames.  I will give this pair away to one of my readers who helps get the word out about this charity event.   
Here are the three options and rules on 
how to enter to win:

1. leave a comment on my blog with the 
hashtag #IFDATakeASeat charity auction May 16 in the comment,
2. or tweet about the event typing:   
"#IFDATakeASeat charity auction May 16  at Lillian August NYC details and tickets here  @j_Pocker_NYC @nestnestnest" 
3. or, pin one of J. Pocker's image from their 
Pinterest board 
to yours and type

"#IFDATakeASeat charity auction May16  Lillian August NYC details/tickets  @j_Pocker_NYC @nestnestnest"
in the pin
I will pick one of the participants names out of a hat at the event, literally a hat, and announce the winner on May 16 in the Lillian August showroom during the gala and auction. 
For even more of a chance to win and entered twice into the contest, 
please follow J. Pocker on 
their blog 
or their fabulous 

Here I am visiting J. Pocker's shop on Lexington Avenue in NYC
store locations:
Lexington Avenue in NYC
Bronxville, NY
Greenwich, CT 
Westport, CT

979 3Rd. Avenue
Suite 214, D&D Bldg.

the auction is

Thursday, May 16, 2013
6 PM-8:30 PM

Lillian August Furnishings + Designs

12 West 20th Street

New York, NY 10011

Open to All

$20 per person

Take a look at my newly completed
 "Sea-inspired" chair, 
which is on display at the Lillian August showroom this week.  
They are taking silent bids on all the chairs now before the May 16 auction, 
so please feel free to stop in and take a look at all the chairs on display.
Happy Nesting XO


Tamara Matthews-Stephenson said...

Please leave a comment here to enter the giveaway - and make sure to type #IFDATakeAseat chair auction on May 16 at Lillian August in NYC

Good Luck, Tamara

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,
These prints @J_Pocker_NYC are very nice! I hope to see you at the May 16 #IFDATakeASeat chair auction @nestnestnest: What a fun and worthwhile project. best of luck. Susan Young of @LaunchbySy on twitter

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous prints - #IFDATakeAseat sounds like an amazing event!

@ShelleyCHolmes said...

J Pocker's prints are gorgeous!

The chair print framed in the gorgeous gilt wood is perfection.

Applaud J Pocker and all for being involved in #IfdaTakeASeat chair auction on 16 May at Lillian August in NYC

May the evening bring much joy and fun to all attendees and may it bring in many much needed dollars for those in need.

Anonymous said...

great cause and I'm excited to attend #IFDATakeASeat chair charity event and the prints from @J_Pocker_NYC look great @nestnestnest - find me at @FleaMarketFinds on Twiter. Best wishes, Randal

Anonymous said...

looking forward to following along about this event and the prints are so very pretty. Not sure I am commenting properly but here goes: #IFDAtakeASeat event May 16 @J_Pocker_NYC giveaway -- find me on facebook at Jan's Farmhouse Crisps. best of luck, Jan Gorham

Sarah Sarna said...

Looking forward to seeing you and all the gorgeous chairs at the #IFDATakeASeat charity auction May 16 at Lillian August in NYC!

Anonymous said...

the J Pocker prints are very pretty in person. Thanks for bringing them to Toto last night. That was a nice party and seeing the Japanese designers was a treat as well. good luck with the chair auction. Rich (dialogopr)

Anonymous said...

The prints from @J_Pocker are beautiful! I love the color and coincide perfectly with the amazing #IFDATakeASeat event! - Rose

Anonymous said...

Tamara, tried to leave you a comment twice but not sure if it is working. Here goes, thanks for the offer of these beautiful prints and I so hope to win them because they would look splendid in my brown and green study. I will email you my contact information in case I win. Cheers, Kelsey

Joann Kandrac said...

I love emerald green - We rebranded our company using it before knowing it was the color of the year!! I also have a chair fetish and these chair prints are amazing!! I am passionate about giving back and commend you for being part of the #IFDATakeASeat charity auction on May 16, 2013 at Lillian August NYC

tamara matthews-stephenson said...

easy way to enter: like J. Pocker's facebook page. Thanks for all your pins, tweets, comments and FB mentions everyone!

Hamptontoes said...

I would be genuinely thrilled to hang these in my office! Love the prints and the frames. Fab giveaway!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the opportunity. I posted on my facebook wall too, and those are such a pretty green color. How generous of the print shop to give those to one of your loyal readers. Jennifer B.

Marilyn Russell said...

Gorgeours framed renderings and what a great cause. Kudos to you! I'm sure #IFDATakeAseat will be a successful event.

tamara matthews-stephenson said...

Thanks everyone for your comments - tonight is the big event/chair charity auction at Lillian August showroom at 12. West 20th Street from 6-8:30. I'll pull one of your names from a hat at the event (added with friends who tweeted or pinned on Pinterest from J. Pocker's board). Please look on twitter because I will surely announce the winner @nestnestnest is my twitter name....good luck!! best wishes, tamara