Thursday, June 19

Foodie Thursday -- a visit to the Brooklyn Food Cart festival, Smorgasburg on a sunny Sunday in NYC

Just under the Brooklyn Bridge 
is a treasure trove of experiences for foodies...

In the hopes of inspiring you, let me share our visit to a food cart festival called SMORGASURG, 
which takes place every Sunday of summer 
in the Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 5. With over 100 vendors setting up shop weekly, it's easy to tell which booths have the best food because their lines are the longest. I urge you stop by and try some authentic local, street food bringing many cultural tastes together in one large outdoor space.  My favorites are the Indian street food carts, the Greek carts and the Mexican taco stands.  Next time I have to try the pizza being pulled from the brick oven at Pizza Moto. For a list of all the food carts and their websites check out the vendor list at Smorgasburg.

The line was cascading at People's Pops, but worth the wait. With flavors like apricot star anise and lemongrass plum these handmade shaved ices (off of an uber large block of ice), are delightful and refreshing.  They also make interesting-flavored popsicles like strawberry rhubarb and coffee with coconut milk (vegan, no diary). 

Gabby and Karim enjoying the June sunshine! 

We didn't sample these chicken Teryaki balls 
but they looked great!
a flaky and light spinach pie for some 
Greek food sampling!
I had never had Nuoc Mam Cham Brussel Sprouts before but it was one of my favorites of the day. The flavors are unique, a little spicy, a little sweet and also crispy--divine!
The fried chicken was incredibly flavorful too. 
not the prettiest dishes to photograph, but the brussel sprouts (left) and Tso Fried Chicken (right) pack a lot of flavor.
The Brooklyn Roasting Company
sells unique flavor combinations - we picked up the 
Guat Antiqua Maple Butter Wood Smoke Cocoa coffee, and it is as rich and smooth as you'd expect.
 Since it was Father's Day last weekend, we bought a trio (Chipolte Adobo, Original & Spicy BBQ) of flavored Filet Mignon Beef Jerky at Three Jerks!
 The Chicken Sticky Rice at Bamboo Bites was very flavorful and served up in bamboo boats

Dosa Royale shop offered up tasty iced green tea with cucumber and tiny samosas with two delicious sauces.
we watched on as quintessentially New York Black & White cookies were made by hand.
Ramen Burger
There was too much food to try it all in one visit, but next time these hamburgers served on ramen noodle buns are at the top of our list.  They are famous! 
we finished up and enjoyed walking the historic neighborhood taking in the scenic homes and gardens.

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara