Saturday, June 21

With summer gardens on our minds, 5 new, fresh garden-inspired wallpapers

Today I potted flowers 
under my pergola in East Hampton. 

I planted pretty pink geraniums and English ivy in my vintage water fountain.
To avoid the onslaught of deer who have been decimating the flowers on our property, I now pot a variety of herbs, plants and flowers in pots at our cottage in East Hampton rather than in our former garden.  Each year, I like to add a citrus tree, some begonias, fresh basil, mint and rosemary and a variety of new flowering plants.  Paying homage to the garden, I'm smitten with 5 new garden-inspired wallpapers. Come take a look at 
Nest by Tamara's 5 new paper favorites...
Trove's Macondo is ethereal and a "must have" on my next papering project.  Trove brought this new collection to debut at this spring's ICFF.  Jee Levin and Randall Buck design these large scale, graceful papers. This one above is magnificent and taken from the garden!
Trove's Alee reminds of French gardens, 
this paper brings me to Versailles.  The color choices are splendid as well.  My favorite is this blue...

On the topic of Versailles, 
Cole & Sons' Folie collection reminds us of the statues, menageries and gardens of France.  This one is Folie's Versailles Grand

Folie's Tivoli comes from the Jardin de Tivoli garden in Paris.  In addition to illustrations of a variety of florals, the paper shows hummingbirds and butterflies on the leaves. 
Folie's Bourlie showcases the rhododendrom blooming and channels the 17th century gardens of Chateau de la Bourlie in France.

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara