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Gleaning fresh, summer decorating ideas from the Lenox Hill Designer Showhouse of NYC

Origami anyone? shown by Keith Baltimore
gorgeous rug in Barbara Page's Master Bedroom 
photo courtesy Barbara Page
Let's tap into the on-point designs at 
The 2014 Designer Showhouse of New York 
set in the swanky, downtown W Hotel.
overlooking the newly erected sparkling tower and water shed monuments at the former Ground Zero, it sets a phenomenal tone. Co-chaired by Alexa Hampton and Richard Mishaan, the showhouse is modern and fresh.
Spring and Summer show a barrage of interior designer showhouses, which begs a question.  What value do these tricked-out homes have for the homeowner?  Do we meet potential designers?  Find real estate to buy?  Yes to both, but one very important feature is to glean fresh, innovative design ideas and incorporate them back into our very own homes.  Some of these rooms can be over the top, much like how a fashion runway show provides that same idea, yet the designs trickle down to wearable items we see later in stores.  Showhouses offer us up trends and a collaborative look at what the design industry is brainstorming before we see it down the road in stores.  I like to check out the smaller vignettes and ideas as a way to bring cost-effective ideas to freshen up for the busy summer season just around the corner.  Let's take a look at this brand spanking new collaborative showhouse with media sponsor NYC&G magazine and the W Hotel to benefit the Lenox Hill HealthPlex.  Firstly, this gorgeous residence has a cool vibe.  These homes are compact though, typical of NYC dwellings, many with kitchens that literally share the space within the living room, however, the views are the star of the show and create a very glamorous backdrop.  These designers had a tall order to create something new, fresh in a brand new space with lots of light, yet no architectural detailing but with crazy gorgeous views. 
What does this mean for you & me? 
First and foremost, we go, take-away innovative ideas for the summer, and VOILA, without completely re-decorating our homes, we can add a little something special in time for the celebratory season ahead.  Come see some of the smaller viewpoints and on-point trends I spotted...
Good luck, now go get it!
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
   Coffee tables are like the homage to our "loves" and show our favorite reads, photographs, relics, antique accessories, candles...the quirky little items that personalize our home. I saw interesting coffee and cocktail table styling at the showhouse.

Let's start with cool coffee table styling from Keith Baltimore who stacked boxes and added a glamorous coffee table book, utilizing a glass table to show off the fabulous rug and 
making the otherwise small space feel larger.
Meg Braff's cocktail table mirrors her Chinoiserie-inspired designs
Glass coffee tables are back in favor and this one by Richard Mishaan shows off the gorgeous rug underneath as well!

We are collectively obsessed with nature-inspired design from quartz to seashells, and this lovely cocktail table set simply with a vase and succulent shows designer Caleb Anderson is on-point!
Neal Beckstedt shows glass, and detail rug underneath too
I have one question for Patricia Fisher...where did you get this fabulous mini-cocktail table?  A must-have!
Richard Mishaan's Designs
The popular bar cart, 
morphs into bar corner...
bar carts have been all the rage for years now, and borrowed from the Madmen era it made a resurgence with a vengeance.  I certainly love them and use them, write about them often, and when on little casters you can wheel these vintage lovelies from room to room. Everywhere on Pinterest  there are stylized bar carts showing the latest entertaining.  However, take the bar cart, compact it and you have a little "bar corner."  Simply take a small area of your home, any area, and I've even seen it in a glam bathroom, and it instantly turns it into an interesting and useful corner.  One glittery tray, some antique accessories, crystal and a bottle of your favorite liquor, and you are instantly set for stylish, compact living (which is something almost every urban dweller knows a little somethin' about).  Every corner of your home is utilized and you can entertain with a "snap".  
Meg Braff 
mid-century glasses & a brass faux-bamboo tray
Patricia Fisher used the smallest of table to provide an instant, sophisticated party on a tray
ginger liqueur, candles, a glittery tray and etched champagne glasses  by Neal Beckstedt
Creative vignettes everywhere
Let me share a little secret every talented designer wields, fastidious ability to stylize vignettes throughout the home.  Of course you need good bones, delicious design as a backdrop but clever vignettes can hide many sins and instantly transform a space.  Of course this gorgeous bathroom at the showhouse has no sins and is already fabulous, but Caleb Anderson was able to bring his design  talent quickly with a little vignette...

Style on a tray
with Caleb Anderson's favorite items
beautiful stylizing by Barbara Page in a blue and gold Master Bedroom; photo courtesy Barbara Page
 Neal Beckstedt shows his skills creatively arranging fruit, ceramic & branches. I've been guilty of obsessing about vignettes, but to me, the devil is in the details...
a brass vintage candle stick arranged cleverly on the books overlooking his gorgeously set bed, Caleb Anderson adds the finishing touch to his bedroom
Patricia Fisher glams it up in her dining/living space with gorgeous Hudson river views.  The branches, grasses and smartly set table feels modern and fresh.
Other smart design spotted:
lots of black and white, gold, mid-century furniture and accessories, glamorous accessories, glass everywhere, low hanging, unique abstract art, sheer curtains.
This is something I want to do in the near future -- little cabanas over a sofa. Here it is fresh, instantly creates architecture in the space and brings whimsy to the room.  Thank you Keith Baltimore!
more from Keith Baltimore's space...
more lovely stylizing and a perfect piece of art for the entry way of Patricia Fisher's space
I want these vintage Lucite chairs, and with the perfect fabric adorning them by Meg Braff.  
Caleb Anderson's luxurious bedroom showed beautiful stylizing and great editing to boot!
lovely green glass in Keith Baltimore's space
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