Wednesday, February 17

How The Fashion Runway Influences Our Home: Views From This Week's Caroline Herrerra Runway Show During New York Fashion Week

The Fashion and Interior Design World Dovetail With Color This Season,
Showing A Similar, Ethereal & Unique Palette!
fashion photography from the February 2016 Caroline Herrerra fashion show
at the Frick Museum, New York City

Thoughts on Caroline Herrerra's Fall 
2016 Collection Shown On The Runway
The Frick Collection
1 East 70th Street
New York, New York  10021 
 Classic design is classic design.  Period.  A beautiful Chanel suit is timeless, a gorgeous Frette set of sheets has staying power.  Classic lighting and furniture certainly don't change each season, however, I have noted from traveling from design industry trade shows all over Europe and the States, there are momentary rumblings, or trends as we call them, that run through art, food, interior design and fashion.  Often times beginning with street artists or communities, these kernels get rubbed and formed by designers all over the globe.  Over the past few years, big color has been the trend, everywhere.  From what I have seen this season that has been toned down.  Having attended a few fashion shows this week in New York City, I had the opportunity to sit front and center and take in first-hand some of those rumblings, those kernels that fashion designers have taken and formed beautiful works of art with their Fall 2016 collections.  The Caroline Herrerra show at the historic Frick Museum was one of the most fantastic and beautiful shows of the year.  This once upper east side home of the Frick family, acts as the perfect backdrop for Herrerra's vision, showcasing women in beautiful clothing.  Herrerra is one of my favorite designers because she loves women and always shows them in a flattering light, how refreshing.  This year she outdid herself and the fabrics and layering in her collection are extraordinary.  What struck me the most was her palette.  She wove together a layering of soft pastels that almost worked as neutrals against some lovely charcoal and jewel tone rich colors.  The introduction of this particular soft green, pale pink then layered with ecru, tan, soft white was genius, and then she juxtaposed them with black and charcoal.  All of this got me thinking about our very own, new home fabric collection with Root cellar Designs.  In just a few days, we are debuting our spring fabric collection we call Renaissance, and we created a similar palette, working from those same kernels.  We have a color we coin, Minty and another we call Pinkish, showing essences of these colors and pairing them nicely with a black color we call Noir and another we call Grey Cafe.  We infuse a neutral into our palette, a color we call Wheat for that same layered neutral appeal.  Our hope is that interior designers will utilize these fabrics and bring these patterns and colors together, combining them with the many neutrals in our collection and bring that modern, yet classic sensibility to homes around the country.  If you missed Herrerra's show, see our favorite pieces here.  Additionally, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek of fabrics from the Renaissance collection which will be offered in April 2016 through designer trade showrooms around the country. 

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara