Sunday, February 7

Newel Antiques Heads To The Palm Beach Antique Show

 A visit to a new showroom,
 a treasure trove of antiques and art together 
with Newel Gallery's very own bespoke furniture collection.
Newel Antiques
306 East 61st Street 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10065
Complete Collection: 
32-00 Skillman Ave, 1st Floor
Long Island City NY 11101

The showroom was buzzing with activity as the team packed up select pieces from their new NYC showroom to take on the road to the Palm Beach Antique Show. This set of antique palm trees will don the booth (photo above) and were originally created for decorator Marian Hall of Tate and Hall at 834 Fifth Avenue.  
  Last week,  I had the opportunity to share a dinner in Paris hosted by Newel Antiques in the beautifully decorated, perfectly French-style home of interior designer Frank DeBiasi.  I sat next to the newly appointed CEO of Newel antiques, Jake Baer.  Throughout lively conversation over dinner I heard about Jake's family-owned company and how his great grandfather Meyer Newman launched the company in 1939 by furnishing some of Broadway's incredible shows including My Fair Lady and Bye Bye Birdie.  Through providing props for many of these shows, Newel Antiques quickly found their niche.  Today I visited the new showroom at 306 East 61st street, where they recently moved to accommodate their expanding collections.  The showroom is light and airy, and a perfect backdrop to showcase their antiques, an exquisite collection of eclectic one-of-a-kind pieces.  This is certainly not your average antique shop, but more a well curated showroom and source.  It is like a treasure trove of finds---Lalique vases, Art Nouveau pieces, rare Egyptian antiques, contemporary art combined with period antiques and more.  It makes sense that the inception of the company began with sourcing pieces for the theatre industry because today's collections are finely curated pieces displayed in lovely vignettes throughout the  showroom.  Thanks to the talent of interior designers Aman and Meeks, the new showroom has been stylized and decorated by their team.

 With an enthusiastic, youthful CEO taking the family reigns, the company is forging ahead with a modern vision. Jake grew up in the business, witnessing daily the goings on in the antique business, and as a result, he  has a passion and love for antiques.  He plans to take the historical and artistic sensibility and add onto it with a modern vision.  He intuitively understands his customers, and knows they value living with luxury, most likely have creative minds, and many are not afraid to take risks.  Jake understands that Newel needs to attract the next generation of antique collectors, and he is ready to take on that challenge of educating and exciting young people to appreciate antiques as much as he does.  For starters, the showroom is designed to welcome visitors in a warm and convivial manner, with prices visibly on display.  There is no air of intimidation and this transparency and welcoming environment is refreshing.  Jake envisions Newel reaching out in the market and connecting even more with their customers.  For starters, they were packing the truck as I arrived to head off to the famous Palm Beach Antique Show where they'll adorn a large booth with their antiques.  I have no doubt the Newel booth at the show will be a show stopper.  In order to have their wares easily accessible, Newel inventory is available online on their website with close to 11,000 pieces showcased.   Additionally, collaborate with 1stdibs, and offer over 3,000 items on the site.

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

"Working with 1stdibs has helped to significantly increase our visibility to a larger audience.  Many customers find us there, then visit the showroom to see and touch the antiques and from there we forge an ongoing long-term relationship."
Jake Baer
Currently, a favored piece in the showroom, a
French Art Noveau Game Table 
  The rectangular shape with removable top and inlaid backgammon design and chips has iconic curves and made in a beautiful walnut wood. 

Pair of French Post-War Design (1960s) gilt bronze and polished steel ''Medici and Palm Leaves'' table lamps (by MASION CHARLES, marked "Charles et Fils France.") 
 One of the many new pieces from Newel's very own collection--
a cobalt blue glass coffee table, inspired by American Post-War design in a rectangular geometric faceted design with brass detailed and resting on a gilt wood base