Saturday, February 27

Luxury & Quality Come Together in The Ansel Table by Reeta Gyamlani for Farrago Design

Luxury Design:  
A Bespoke Table Worth Taking A Close Look
created by Reeta Gyamlani For Farrago Design

This week we end the month of February with a whirlwind of up close and personal profiles about Luxury Design.  February was dedicated to high-end, artisan and well made design through uncovering the artists and brands and profiling them here.  On the heels of our trip to Paris to attend and write about design show Maison Objet, we created unique stories for the blog.  Today, we offer up our last Luxury Design post of the month with a profile of my friend furniture designer Reeta Gyamlani's collection for Farrago Design.  Reeta's new Ansel Table was inspired by photographer Ansel Adam's unique viewpoints.  Ansel's perspectives of nature and design came through brilliantly in his photography.  The table is sand cast in aluminum and made from a recycled foam mold, which is first hand sculpted then cast (similar to the historic wax technique of custom jewelry).  Because the mold is destroyed in each structure, each piece is a one-of-a-kind.  This bespoke table is then finished nicely -- either in buff, coppers or patinas.  Reeta has designed other pieces in this technique from foyer tables to mirrors and consoles.   
A little bit a about Reeta:
A graduate from Pratt Institute, Reeta hails from Mumbai bringing a unique eastern vision to her work.  She comes to furniture design with an environmentally conscious mindset and is committed to ethically sourcing materials. Much of her furniture has clean lines and sculptural shapes.  Reeta works closely with local craftspeople in India to create well-made furniture that seamlessly joins the past with the present by utilizing old world craftsmanship. For more information, 
head over to Farrago Design.

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