Thursday, April 7

The best of Etsy for HOME on Nest by Tamara blog, Part 2--The Light Factory

The Light Factory on Etsy
Last week we offered up our first of a month-long series of our favorite home shops on Etsy.  With a love for those chunky, wool throws all the way from Kiev in the Ukraine, Hana Home set us off on a great start.  Save these shops in your source book because throughout the month of April we will bring several of our favorites from Etsy.  Some of these shops, we have ordered from already, while others are on our list for the next design project. Today, let's talk lighting and I favor the Lighting Factory. This past year, we traveled from Milan to Paris to trade shows to see the latest and greatest, and lighting was on the top of everyone's list of favored wares.  How interesting that some of the most moderne are found with the click of a computer key.

The lighting seen here at the Light Factory is innovative and hand crafted, and the price point is fantastic.  I particularly like the many Bubble Chandeliers they offer.  Channeling their original Cloud series, they now offer Waterfall and Branch collections to boot.  These are all hand blown glass bubbles finished off with different cord options, offering nine varieties.  They even do custom work, creating lights that fit perfectly in your space, and custom work has a lead time of 4-10 weeks.  Their quick shop options are called the Pret A Illumer series, which are wired for easy plug in options, making a perfect choice for renters. 

“My goal is for the pieces we build to use modern materials like glass, steel, leather, brass, and nylon to hint at the beautifully organic or random shapes we see when we step outside. So when I'm designing a new piece I'm trying to find that juxtaposition of natural and sculptural that would be just as at home in a Manhattan apartment as it would be in a house by the lake. There's something extremely satisfying about using materials in a different and challenging way to come up with a unique piece. It’s even more satisfying when I've been able to work with a customer who can't quite describe exactly what they'd like, but we have a conversation, and there's a moment at the end of building when I know that I've hit the mark, and they're going to see their feelings in that piece when it arrives. Working one-on-one over the phone, email and in person to create the perfect light for my clients is a fantastic challenge that excites me every day. I love the process of creation and seeing the end product, but mostly I love knowing that someone is as happy with their chandelier as I am with mine. At the end of the day that’s what matters most. “
-Ashlie Beal, Owner

 We are happy to note that with every purchase, The Light Factory donates a portion of proceeds to BARCS animal shelter and Noah's Ark Animal Rescue.  

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara 
a must-have for my next design project!

 the LongBranch Bubble in different finishes