Sunday, June 19

The Importance and Value of Being a Good Dad, Happy Father's Day!

Words To Live By On This Father's Day...

With all of the sad recent events surrounding our lives in the world news these past few weeks, this Father's Day resonates to me more than usual.  Having an involved, loving dad is important in our development as humans, and I just know that the world would be a better place with more of them in it.  A good dad can take a child that may temporarily be headed on the wrong path, drag their butt right back onto the straight road, wipe the mud off their knees, and keep going without flinching.  Sometimes the job of dad makes you an unpopular figure in the household.  You cannot always be your kid's best friend, and you often need to lay down the gauntlet.  Other times you are called to lend a sympathetic ear for them, and be their friend--it's a difficult balance.  A good dad teaches their sons to be a gentleman, and to be kind and respectful to women.  A good dad loves their daughters in a way that helps them to develop a stellar self esteem so nobody can take that away from them, ever.  

My husband Randal is excellent at the job, and our kids are good people because of it!  Of course, there are trials and tribulations. In their toddler years they tested our patience, then middle school there were trepidations with friends, foes and teachers.  We worried and advised.  Just when we thought we were out of the woods, adolescence slammed into town and we were pushed at times.  It's a tough job, but mostly it is wonderful and rewarding.  There are sacrifices that need to be made, and sometimes at the most inopportune time like on an important anniversary celebration when you have a special evening planned, but, instead you spend it on the bathroom floor with your child vomiting from a bad case of the stomach flu. You do not go because that is the job you signed up for, and now that their sick you no longer even want to go.  Some dads may notice their kids don't realize how much you sacrifice, or they just expect it because they have been lulled into the safety net with your love and protection.  They know you will be there for them instinctively waiting to catch them as you anticipate that fall even before it happens.  It is not easy to be this good dad with all the other pressures in life you juggle, but I do believe it is a conscious decision to become this kind of father.  So, while we acknowledge it is not an easy job, we are forever grateful for it nevertheless.  I am grateful to my husband everyday.  Today, let's thank all those good dads, and although the gift may just be a silly new set of barbecue tools from your family, know we appreciate all you do everyday to make this world a better place. 
Happy Nesting
Happy Father's Day
XO Tamara