Tuesday, June 7

Fashion-Inspired Furniture Collection for Leathercraft by Corey Damen Jenkins

 Corey Damen Jenkins Debuts
A Colorful Fashion-Inspired Furniture Collection For Leathercraft, 
Offering Customizable Furniture & Accessories for the Home!

I visited with my friend interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins in the Leathercraft showroom at High Point in April to see first-hand the new furniture collection he created and debuted at Spring Market.  It was the "calm before the storm" during a quiet moment as plans were in the works for that evening's celebration hosted by Traditional Home magazine.  Jenkins brought fresh color and a vibrancy to the Leathercraft showroom and their brand by showcasing his new collection and redecorating the showroom to best highlight his many fashion-inspired upholstered and case good pieces.  As we walked around the showroom floor, Damen pointed out fine detailing on the designs, including dress maker touches and other fashion-inspired techniques.  His color palette is rich and vibrant, pairing unexpected hues together with leather, as well as printed textiles from Kate Spade's new fabric collection.  I appreciate how much thought went into each piece including how Jenkins names each item after iconic Hollywood characters, and only after infusing his muse into the furniture's design. The collection includes many pieces with unusual accouterments, and some I had not seen before, like the plexi-glass side walls of a chaise lounge offered in myriad finishes.  I loved the sofa aptly named Angelina after Angelina Jolie with the sofa's leg peeking from the skirt, and giving nod to the actresses' red carpet appearance and dress years back.  Jenkins wielded bold paint colors throughout the showroom walls, and I just love my favorite color--Tiffany Blue-- acting as a backdrop to illuminate his collection.  Leathercraft never looked so stylish and colorful as it does today, and Jenkins is showing us the world of possibilities through offering customized featured to many of the new pieces.  The collection allows Leathercraft versatility and fits into many homes and styles.   Favorites include the tete-a-tete lounge chairs  shown in both red and white leather below and the fantastic customizable bar. Take a look at the offerings, and special congratulations to Corey Damen Jenkins and Leathercraft for a wise collaboration...

a pair of tete-a-tetes showing the possibilities of upholstery.
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