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Tamara Stephenson Interior Design; root cellar designs, LLC
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Sunday, September 25

Longing For Matte Black in The Home, On Our Tables & Even Our Ceilings!

matte pumpkin, Crate & Barrel

Matte Black For The Home, Fall 2016!
Welcome Fall, And Without Skipping A Beat,
Matte Black Is Our New Best Friend 
matte black is special when used juxtaposed with wood, brick and natural elements.
a little matte black goes a long way 
Mecox Gardens, East Hampton 
tribal pattern noir (above); croc noir (below)
 root cellar designs' fabric/pillows
Utilizing black in the home is a designer trade secret that goes way back, but the last few years there has been a surge in popularity for using the noir palette.  Designers who need that extra edge, or just the right amount of emphasis and yearn to highlight the architecture or add depth, know how to craftily and strategically use black.  Today, black in home design from kitchen cabinetry to lighting and furniture is no longer just an edgy choice, but a staple in home design. Matte black is bringing an even sexier sophistication, and with the absence of shine it takes that drama to another place altogether.  Even our tabletop and entertaining have been influenced by matte black, not a traditional choice for showing a pretty, welcoming table, but beautiful nevertheless.  My foodie daughter is obsessed with matte black plates as a backdrop to photograph her food.  This past summer, we created a series of tables for a trend talk about entertaining in the home in the Fisher & Paykel kitchen showroom newly opened in the A&D building in New York City.  We designed a series of black, blue and white table linens with matte finish plates, and lots of creativity showcasing black.  Black is back, and although it never went away, now with its friend-- matte finish--it takes it up a notch in cool!  
It's calming--the use of matte black paint finish in this stunning bathroom, helps to give this bathroom a strong sense of depth and architecture.
 a matte black bathtub takes a traditional design and adds glamour, then painting the ceiling chalky black the eye is drawn upward showing the height.  
 even this simple matte black light from IKEA has the ability to take an otherwise simple room and decor and give it a sophisticated flair.
let's get creative with matte black this
 Fall when entertaining!
Susan and I created this black-inspired table design for a dinner party in the swanky kitchen showroom, Fisher & Paykel in New York City with black matte plates, black and white table linens (our root cellar designs' pattern link in noir/white) and even slinky black candles all set against a black kitchen. 

 Another black and pink table we created 

black beaded place mats from Kim Seybert, Lenox USA plates, hand painted antique matte black urns with fresh garden pink peonies; black and white table runner root cellar designs' croc pattern.
For sourcing and more black matte inspiration, head to our Black Pin Board

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara