Friday, September 9

Travels to Parma, Italy have All-Things Italian On our Minds...

Touring Parma, Italy
by Tamara Matthews-Stephenson
How Much Do We Love Italy?
Let's Count The Ways As We Plan a Trip to the 
Mercanteinfiera Market This Fall!

What is the Mercanteinfiera Market? 
"a unique event, one of the most important appointment of the Antiques sector at the European scale: over one thousand operators present the modern antiques, antiques, and collectibles collections, which they came across during their trips.
Thousands of precious and funny proposals or simple “rediscoveries of our recent past” - Mercanteinfiera team
With Autumn creeping upon us, we have Italy on our minds.  Why?  Because we are headed to Parma, Italy this Fall season to take in the cultural whirlwind of this northern Italian city in the Emilia-Romagna region.  Parma is famous for its architecture, prosciutto, parmigiana cheese and the rolling country landscape.  It is also the home of the oldest university in the world, The University of Parma.  Although it is a relatively small city, it is packed with style, culture, great food and fantastic antiques (the latter being the reason we are headed to Parma—to attend and write about the Mercanteinfiera, the largest antique show in Italy).  More about this fantastic antique show after our visit, but for now, back to Parma…it’s gorgeous, lush and with a river running through it, this city has many delectable sites to see and take in. When I think of Parma, I am reminded of chef Giada de Laurentiis and the time she documented her travels to this city to teach about Parmigiana-Reggio which is made in large wheels, then aged over time.  I have heard from my foodie friends that Parma is the culinary center of Italy, and a gourmande’s dream.  But, we wouldn’t know because we have never been to Parma, yet!  Certainly we will bring you the skinny upon our return.  Having traveled to this rich country many times (just not Parma) we love everything Italy serves up! From the shoes to the food to the topography, we are smitten. 

Let us take a walk down the stylish Italian path today to inspire our fall season.  First, let's raise our Campari glass to an Italian-inspired Fall season.  How about we sip that spirit along with a chunk of savory Parmigiana cheese and perhaps a nibble of Parma Ham?  Here are spots we hope to see while in the region...
Podere Cadassa
a famiy-run Salumeria with these infamous hams hanging about.  Apparently the chefs knock them by hand to see if they are done.
the Teatro Farnese
a wooden Baroque-style theater built in 1618 
The Cattedrale di Parma is one of the most elaborate cathedrals in all of Europe.  A Roman Catholic one, it showcases an important Italian Romanesque style of architecture, the dome especially.  With gorgeous, detailed fresco by Renaissance painter Antonio da Correggio, it is a Must See for me when in Parma!

More about this special 
place in Italy upon our return, 

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara