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All Your Decorating Needs Are Met At Designer Showroom, Ken Kehoe in the Decorative Center of Houston

 Visit the 
Ken Kehoe Showroom
In the Decorative Center of Houston
For A Taste of Southern Hospitality,
Plus A Bevy of Luxury, Artisan Wares
5120 Woodway Drive
suite 2016
Houston, TX 77056
please ask for Bambi Hanna
(left) sweet tea and bacon bit brownies
(right) Ken Kehoe and Albert Wilson

Ken Kehoe owns a beautiful design-industry trade showroom, newly relocated and expanded this September to the Decorative Center of Houston.  Set on the second floor, front and center as you get off the elevator, this showroom is the star of the building.  Ken and his team have hand-picked some of the finest artisans in the industry to represent and offer to their designer clients.  From furniture to fabric to wall coverings, they provide a one-stop trade shop in their almost 6,000 square foot beautifully decorated showroom.  With the warm, convivial staff, you immediately feel welcome, and there is a complete design center with state-of-the-art systems in order to showcase the portfolio of products.  Additionally, Ken Kehoe has created over 20 of his own furniture designs which are also offered in the showroom, with all customizable options. As the owner of a working, busy interior design firm himself, Ken anticipates what the designer may need for their clients, and he and Albert travel the globe from Paris' Maison Objet to New York City to sleuth out fantastic products and artisans to represent in their Houston showroom. For a complete listing of lines they represent, head to their Showroom page.

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

There is a wide range of beautiful fabrics on the showroom floor including lines from world-famous Katherine Ireland and Quadrille as well as artisan brands like our own collection, root cellar designs. The patterns hanging on the wings throughout the showroom are offered in colorful and rich hues, and it is certainly inspiring to see all these fabrics together. 
Here are just a few that caught our eye...
1. Tania Vartan
2. root cellar designs
3. Kelly Gale Aman Pillows
4. Kelly Gale Aman
5. Tania Vartan
6. Shelli Breidenbach
7. Toiles de Mayenne
8. Kelly Gale Amen
9. root cellar designs
10. Tania Vartan
11. Savel
12. Coleman Taylor
13. Quadrille
14. Toiles De Mayenne
15. Swaffer
16. Toiles De Mayenne

A Glimpse At Other Gorgeous Wares...

1. Gracie wallpaper
2. Coleen & Company
3. AER custom textiles rugs
4. root cellar designs wallpaper
5. Kevin Wallace for Ken Kehoe 
6. root cellar designs wallpaper
7. Ken Kehoe
8. Coleen & Company
9. Ken Lehoe
10. Coleen & Company
11. Kevin Wallace sconces 
12. AER custom textiles rugs
13. Ken Kehoe
14. Quadrille wallpaper
15. Ken Kehoe
16. Gracie wallpaper

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