Wednesday, November 2

Set a Pretty, Layered Fall Table Utilizing the Colors of The Season--Orange and Pink!

snapshot I took London's flower market (left)
two photos (top right & bottom via)
Studies Show Fall Colors Make Us Happy
(I may have made that up, but I believe it to be true)
So, Let's Set Our Fall Dinner Table With 
An Abundance Of Pink & Orange!

According to the color "Gods" Autumn is all about crimson, hot pink and varying shades of orange.  From layering your dining table to donning a smart outfit, we are smitten with this color combination.  Maybe it's because of the blossoming fall garden that overflows this season--shades from the garden-fresh gourds, persimmons, pumpkins and pomegranates that influence us this time of year.  It feels right to layer our table and home with this color palette during the season.  Some may worry the colors are too bold, but we say bring it on for your entertaining to create a stylish and welcoming table.  To begin, start with a vibrant table linen (perhaps a table linen made in this bold toile from Manuel Canovas below), then layer plates and decor in a more neutral palette.  Add lots of textures though like rattan, silver and pottery, then finish with a bold centerpiece of in-season flowers in these majestic colors.  Don't forget to bring in dried elements like hydrangea and berries.  To achieve that perfect tonic of sophisticated yet comfortable and inviting, add fresh fruits and vegetables to your centerpiece--pomegranates, oranges and even artichokes.  
Happy November
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
taking cues from Manuel Canovas' orange and pink toile,
we instantly feel this a stylish partnership.  
a pretty flower arrangement I spotted at London's Decorex (left); 
my outdoor fall table in East Hampton, pink and orange (right)

 I believe more is more for an Autumn table!
Here is a colorful table we layered for a luncheon.  We brought out the French Quimper Pottery, rattan and antique porcelain, then added a medley of fruits, vegetables, leaves and flowers on an antique silver tray.  
I wielded an abundance of produce and in-season flowers 
during my Art of The Table project with Traditional Home magazine.  I created the table centerpiece using cabbage, orange zinnias, pink hydrangeas and hot pink exotic flowers.
photography by Heide Geldhauser for HGTV
although this arrangement is stunning, the photograph showcases a decorating trick the host used by arranging the flora and fauna on a large tray. It makes for an easy to create arrangement, yet a wonderful result.
In this magazine shoot, Traditional Home magazine added a little bit of the bounties of the season with fresh oranges, pomegranates and artichokes to create a sophisticated, welcoming table.

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