Sunday, June 25

Pink Flamingos for the Home, Summer 2017

The First Under The Pergola Post for Summer 2017:
Think Pink, Think Flamingo...
Six Tropical Flamingo Finds For Your Home
Since the days of John J. Audubon
this bird has been admired.  This now, famous illustration, Birds of America Royal Octavo,
 was created by Audubon in 1785. 
 Four Flamingo Fun Facts:
1. These long-legged birds (with legs that bend backwards) stir up the mud with their feet, then scoop up and strain their food through the mud and water through their beak with their head positioned upside down.
2. The American Flamingo is called the Phoenicopterus Ruber, and is a native species to North America, although rarely seen in the State anymore. 
3. Although they are born white, it takes 3 years for their feathers to turn pink, and their vivid pink hue is from beta-carotene through the crustacean and plankton they eat.  
4. The Flamingo mother and father take turns caring for their young.  They build a nest together, both sit on it, and then when the chicks hatch, they take turns feeding their babies from a baby food they generate from their throats called, crop milk (gross but quite resourceful).  
We have pink flamingo top of mind....they are fun and silly, and well, they just plunk you straight into a tropical vacation.  I just ordered a pair of oversized bright pink flamingo pool floaters (below from Frontgate) for my pool at our beach cottage in East Hampton.  Mostly a traditional pool and garden, these hot pink numbers will add a bit of whimsy and an exotic flair to the grassy yard and blue stone coping. Today, we sleuthed out the most stylish flamingo finds for the home to get you in the summer mood...
1. flamingo wallpaper, de Gournay
on a sepia paper with an elaborately scenic paper
3. The fabric collection is Cubana, Matthew Williamson with Osborne & Little   

5. Rosanna Flamingo Plates Nordstrom
a set of four -- these make the perfect hostess gift, or perhaps for your summer share rental?  they are tiny and a  lovely shade of pale pink
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara