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root cellar designs visits Fuigo New York

photo Genevieve Garruppoph via Archictural Digest  
photo via Tamara Stephenson
Fuigo New York City Inspires!
Last week we visited a gorgeous interior designer's dream co-work space, complete with an expansive resource library and state of the art digs.
304 Park Avenue South
7th floor
New York, New York  10010
Susan and I were invited by Rae Vermeulen of Fuigo NY
to present our wallpaper and fabric collections to their designers. We were welcomed with open arms by an enthusiastic group of talents who seemed to enjoy our vibrant new collection called exotica.  We left excited to be adding to the cooperatives' extensive resource library where manufacturers keep boxes on hand replenished with swatches.  This curated resource library at Fuigo Studio makes life for the members convenient, as they can hand-pick (just steps away from their office) from over 20,000 samples and from more than 1,000 vendors on a moment's notice.  The studio brings in daily vendor presentations to keep on top of the latest, most cutting edge designs on the market. We are grateful to be included in the offerings Fuigo provides to their growing interior design community.
meeting artisan-brands at Fuigo, Esha of Makrosha Ny
about Fuigo:
The firm was launched last year by a group of textile manufacturers, and funded by a venture capital firm.  They welcome local interior designers to share a space together in an open, airy office on Park Avenue South.  By offering designers myriad resources, this cooperative sustains and supports the interior design industry.  Designers join to become members of the space, which by the way is a whopping 18,000 square foot, and then if opt in to their other multiple services, they gain access to the Fuigo back-office services which range from billing to bookkeeping.  Additionally, there is this extensive, curated materials library. Fuigo offers varying packages from a simple office space to enjoying the luxury of them taking over the business end of the designer's practice.  This is a genius idea, and I would certainly expect to see more of these Fuigo cooperatives opening in urban areas around the country.  Another fantastic feature is they offer brands a chance to curate a "pop up" shop concept every few months, so the space is filled with new products on a regular basis (some of which is offered for sale).  This gives the artisans and brands a chance to network with the designers and showcase their wares, while keeping the designers updated with the latest industry offerings.  These pop up shops allow the studio to keep a fresh design aesthetic as well.

Fuigo is making a great first impression on the industry.  Read more about it in Elle Decor.  photo below shows one of the meeting areas designers bring clients at Fuigo, created by partners of the firm, Bradley Stephens. 
                       photo Joshua HcHugh via Elle Deco 

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