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Favorites Design Finds at the AD Home Show 2018

Happy Spring!
Nest by Tamara blog's Design Picks
From the Made Section
at this year's AD Home Show, 2018
Nadia Yaron
With Spring in the air, we have decorating our homes top of mind.  Last weekend, I attended the AD Home show at Pier 92 & 94 in New York City.  My favorite area of this trade show is the "Made" section where craftsmen and craftswomen (this should be a word) and artists set up shop to show us their newest collections.  From abstract art to tableware, we see a cornucopia of products from artists hailing from around the country.  Opening day for me was a wonderful time to connect with friends and see the offerings, but no worries in case you are out of town, we bring you our favorites.  I love it that the world of interior design continues to embrace the well made and hand made.  Today, we can pick and choose products and to me, the most beautiful and well designed homes are ones in which we bring in a sprinkling of antiques, somethings brand new and forward thinking, fresh color combinations, and artisan-made products-- kind of like that wedding saying...."something old, something new...."  because designing a space, a home is about the mix. And, then what makes it special is how we edit it-- I often note that famous quote by fashion designer Coco Chanel because I feel it applies to designing a home as well-- “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” 
Pelle's X-Large Bubble Chandelier
 Butler Armsden Architects; Leverone Design Interiors
photo via Pelle
The same principles apply, and the designing, scheming, sourcing is important but the editing allows us to enjoy it to the fullest.  All of this helps to create a beautiful, welcoming and comfortable home.  That is the goal of interior design, isn't it?   This photo above demonstrates this point, and please note the Pelle lighting fixture highlighted in this gorgeous dining space.  On that note, see these gorgeous hand-made items, and I hope you will tab these sources because they are a gem.  These six below combine art, engineering, design and with a nod to the past but with a very forward thinking approach. 
Happy Nesting 
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1. Spadone Home  Scape, Scrape Series these are unique vessels, a lovely combination of functional vases and containers channeling urban landscapes and architecture.
2. Nico Yektai Cousin Series cast in concrete, the collection explores teh sculptural style at the heart of this artist's work.  Balanced composition and all part of teh larger composition when grouped together these pieces of art and functional furniture can be utilized indoors or outdoors.
3. Nadia Yaron carved wooden sculpture are incredible and almost spiritual in their feel.  Stacked as if communicating in a secret language, these stopped me in my tracks.  A textile designer who found a chain saw is how she joked with me, she seems to have found her medium.  

4. Allied Maker just one of the amazing lighting artists that seem to be popping up all over the world these days, Allied is homegrown right here in New York City.  The lighting is nuanced, and brings something new and sculptural to the lighting table.  I love it!
photo via Allied Maker
5. Pelle design studio brings lighting and art, and it's all inspired from an artistic and engineering point of view.  The architectural integrity is their focal point, and their wares have a very hand made feel, and with great textures to boot

6. Matthew Fairbank workshop is another New York-based manufacturing studio.  He is drawn to industrial design and works a lot with woodworking to create his pieces using the finest materials. 
 Matthew Fairbanks