Saturday, March 17

Honoring St. Patrick's Day, We celebrate decorating with Green!

Our Collective Fascination 
With The Color Green In Decorating--
The Why, The Who, The Past and The Future
Green is certainly one of my most favorite colors when it comes to decorating a home.  No mystery really as to why it is a go-to choice since it brings the feeling of the outdoors and gardens inside, channeling nature.  
under our pergola in East Hampton
"Green is a color of balance and harmony, and is believed to contain the powerful energies of nature and growth". 
- LA Health Center
my two favorite green paint colors to use in design
top-- a light, fresh apple green in a bedroom
bottom-- a rich, emerald green--Pratt & Lambert, Hedge Green
And, well, simply put, green is a happy color, and evokes positive emotions and invigorates us, and makes us feel nurtured, safe and calm.  Not to mention it is very flattering to many complexions, and there are so many hues within green, we have lots of choices. Green feels old-world, yet  fresh and new.  Scientists attest to the psychological effects the color has on us, which would explain why it is one of the most utilized colors in the rainbow for decorating.  Green is often a bridge color between the past with the future, and somehow retains a fresh modern feel over time.  The most talented designers certainly know the power of using this color.  When using green in decorating, keep in mind as you head into the yellow-green end of the spectrum, the mood created is energetic and vibrant, while leaning into the emerald and warmer, darker greens it can feel luxurious and rich.   Take a look at a few of our favorite green rooms all telling a story of the past and present combined...
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
my favorite paint co., Pratt & Lambert's hues are rich, not muddy
Designers Show Us 
How They Make
Old World Meet Fresh & New With Green
 Tory Burch's green sofa upholstered in a luxurious velvet 
 in honor of Hubert de Givenchy
photo via Gloria Gonzalez 
on a vineyard in Bordeaux, this 18th century French estate was faded until French design team, Coorengel and Calvagrac transformed it-- the green is epic!
A recent feature in AD Home shows interior designer Miles Redd's ability to infuse color without overwhelming, but inspiring.  This vacation retreat in Lyford Cay in the Bahamas is the perfect example, and the master bedroom feels old-school with the Lee Jofa fern print swathed on the bench, drapery and walls.
Speaking of Miles Redd, this 21 acre country estate in Millbrook showcases Redd's stellar talents for using color.  Starting with a fabulous green, Redd creates high style in the master bedroom infused with antiques and luxurious textiles. photo via Elle Decor