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Creative Table Designs For The 2018 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Spring Gala

Tamara Stephenson and Susan Young for root cellar designs
Le Club Sur La Plage 
The Lenox Hill Spring Gala 2018-- 
Beautiful Tabletop Designs Kick-Off Spring Festivities in New York City
This Year's Theme, 
Make A Splash

photo courtesy of Rio Hamilton
To me, The Lenox Hill Spring Gala if my favorite of the design events kicking off spring in New York City.  It is the first of many design-philanthropic endeavors and celebrations which bring together creative minds. The Lenox Hill gala showcases an abundance of beautiful table designs then a festive black-tie dinner set in the historic Grand Central Station's Cipriani ballroom.  The food is delicious, the table designs are scrumptious and the crowd is swanky.  I feel grateful to have been part of this exciting and philanthropic event the past few years where funds are raised to help the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.  You can feel the excitement in the air from the early morning installation-- a behind-the-scenes extravaganza, a wonderful time to see all these talented designers and floral designers come together, each telling a beautiful story with their table design.  Custom linens are created, beautiful floral and centerpiece arrangements are whipped up, and unique details and touches are given to these labors of love-- the end result is similar to a fashion runway show, with over-the-top designs (in a good way) that inspire, and work to create a fantasy experience for the patrons. This year our table was especially fun to create (see above photographs) where we channeled the old world feel and lifestyle of French and Italian beach clubs.  We custom designed then included two new patterns into our spring fabric collection, botanica for our table designs-- underwater and branchy coral.  We sell these printed home textiles on linen/cotton to the design trade in showrooms around the country. Please check out some of our favorite table designs from this year...
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
Roric Tobin 
Isola Bella Paradise
Rio Hamilton
A Dash of Splash
Natalie Kraiem
Monet's Lily Pond
Timothy Brown
Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura
Margaret Kirkland
La Dolce Vita
Peti Lau
Under The Sea
Sara Ledterman for Gather & Serve California
A Beach Gathering
Louis Navarette 
Me wo ubau
Jenny Dina Kirschner 
Under The Sea
 Johnathan Savage
It's a Bird's Eye View
 Kim Seybert
Jardin des Tuileries
Kristen McCory
A Garden Affair
note: photos courtesy of Marco Ricca

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