Wednesday, May 9

News For The Interior Design Industry-- Madeline Weinrib's Sale brings us iconic designs as they prepare to close up shop

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Madeline Weinrib’s sale marks the end of a
20-year era in the design industry.
I popped into the Madeline Weinrib sale at 126 Fifth avenue at 18th Street yesterday, and I oogled over some gorgeous rugs, textiles and accessories which were offered up at a deep discount.  The crowd was bursting with energy, and everyone seemed excited to pick up pieces from her collections. It felt like my last chance to scoop up some of these beauties, and I found out that after twenty years, Weinrib is closing up her retail shop and halting production of her company to pursue her passions while tapping into her artistic roots.  Weinrib creates beautiful, colorful hand-printed rugs and fabric, while also curating vintage pieces and accessories from around the world. To many, she is considered a pioneer in the industry as one of the first to bring international artisan’s work onto decorative arts for the American home.   And, over the years she has worked with some of the “greats” in design to serve up her vision. We have come to recognize Madeline Weinrib’s unique bohemian and bold designs from Ikat to hand block prints.
Madeline painting in her studio in the 1980s
I heard through the grapevine she will be back at her New York City studio painting, but I also read she is a partner in the El Fenn hotel in Marrakesh where she will be designing the interiors for this boutique hotel.  I can only imagine the designs she will dream up in this exotic setting. The future is bright, but we know one thing for certain-- We can look to this talent for insight into the future of where the design world is headed, and it will likely be new, uncharted territory.  
The sale offers 50-80% discounts and continues until May 19th from 11 am to 6 pm and a late night on Thursdays until 8 pm. I cherish the new indigo rug I picked up at the sale, mindful it may one of the last ones from this era. Please visit for details.
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XO Tamara