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Wednesday, August 15

Let's Talk Beach Houses...

In Springs-- East Hampton,New York
By The Sea...
a love for and appreciation of 
Plus, let's look at three, popular 
summer house styles around the world...

East Hampton cottage in the background at
Georgica Beach, New York
Beach House...
these two little words conjure up a free, happy, casual aesthetic...summer house 
or cottage...
I love the idea of a cozy, home near the sea as it is a place that has a casual feel yet loaded with indulgent corners to unwind, curl up and read a book, or bask in the sunshine.  I favor white-washed shiplap or wainscotting on the walls, lots of seashells, ethereal art, some vintage furnishings perhaps combined with modern clean-lined pieces, a cozy space encouraging us to enjoy life, nature, and the summer season.  All over the world, people enjoy the summer home.  And, although some are lavish and expensive, in places like Sweden they can be sparse and utilitarian in nature, and can be accessible to many.  
In Sweden, 
the "sommarstuga" is a traditional Swedish red painted home with a fresh, white trim around. Unlike some places in the world, regardless of your income, many Swedes have access to a sommarstuga, whether they own, rent or borrow from a friend or family for a week.  One of the most important features to their summer home in Sweden, is that it be somehow close to nature. 
photo via Style Room
The Swedish sommarstuga
In the UK,
The Brits refer to their quintessential country homes as cottages or summerhouses.  Known for their layered, sometimes messy arrangement of antiques, antique rugs with a good amount of patina (wear and tear), then intricate gardens, the English summer cottages are chic, sophisticated homes with a lived-in feel. I love the ones with a traditional thatched roof-- these beauties exemplify simplicity with English charm. 
+Thatching is a traditional material and application seen throughout many homes in rural England, and built with dry vegetation (straw, water reed, sedge, palm fronds and heather).  It can be used in both tropical and temperate climates.
cottage by the sea in
Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire, UK
thatched-roof cottage in the UK
In Malta, 
traditional farms houses are often made of limestone, a naturally sourced, local stone in Malta. I love the boutique hotel, Thirtsyseven, a 300 year-old traditional home on the isle of Gozo where one can experience that summer house feeling even as a weekend guest.

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara