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Tamara Stephenson Interior Design; root cellar designs, LLC
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Saturday, August 4

root cellar designs' August Color Of The Month is Saffron

root cellar designs'
Color Of The Month 
for August is 
sun-drenched Saffron!
When choosing a brand new color for August to infuse our wallpaper and fabric collections, we immediately thought of the rich spice Saffron.  In August we long for lazy, hot and hopefully sunny days.  Many of us like to vacation this month, and in August we can easily be invigorated by all the saturated colors surrounding us at the farm stands and in the gardens.  
We visualized a French orange and vibrant yellow combined but something that has been touched by the rays of the sun and warmed a bit.  We starting channeling fields of sunflowers.  Then turned our thoughts to a spice grown all over the world, Saffron. It is unique because once saffron has been put to the heat and cooked, the color changes dramatically from a deep red to vibrant yellow.  We hope to channel this unique, rich hue, and bring a freshness to our existing collections.  These patterns in saffron could create a fantastic pop of color in your home, perhaps a punchy pair of pillows or a seat cushion in your sun room, or maybe a shower curtain in a guest bedroom? 

All our new, Color of the Month additions will be added to our existing collections and this program shows the ease of our custom coloring option.  Please reach out for swatches of Saffron in our linen/cotton textile, rootcellardesigns@gmail.com  
thistle 2 saffron-- printed on linen cotton
tortoiseshell saffron grey
kandeel saffron indigo
stickbug saffron linen
fresco saffron grey
large mushroom toile saffron, grey
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara