Friday, September 10

Thoughts on Dorm living....

Please visit my friend Renae Moore Designs for great ideas on decorating a dorm MY THOUGHTS ON DORM LIFE
I am three years away from the day I drive my first child to college, unpack the car and wave goodbye as she sets off an her adventure. I know it is truly just around the corner, I will blink and the day will be looming overhead. Quite frankly, I dread that moment, but I am happy for her and know these will be some of the best times of her life.
As I curated my post on kids in the home for September, this idea kept coming back to me - Kids in Dorms! I will want to rush in and design a fabulous space for my daughter for her college experience, but I won't. I will resist the temptation, restrain myself and allow her the freedom to live in a messy dorm, adding her unique touches to make her first home away from home her own. I stumbled upon a friend's blog a few weeks back called DORM GLAM. Renae Moore Designs has many interesting ideas for college kids on a budget, from using shower curtains from interesting catalogues as window treatments to stylish small dorm refrigerators. I keep mentioning that I love blogging because of all the collaborating and goodness I find out there, so this is just another example. I asked Renae if I could piggyback her post for Nest's September post on kids in the home, not only was she game, but she went a step farther and created an additional post for Nest. Check out the Dorm Glam post from a few weeks back, but stop by Renae Moore Designs for her new post on REAL LIFE DORM LIVING- she photographed real dorms decorated by the kids themselves. This is not a spiffy post about beautifully decorated dorms, but real dorms (the ones we remember from our college days) and rather than milk crates these kids have done a great job at personalizing their first home. Brava! Thank you very much Renae!
some of Renae's cool ideas from her DORM GLAM post
since most colleges don't want holes in their dormitory walls, tension rods with shower curtain panels and interesting shower curtain hardware are an inexpensive and stylish alternative
exotic prints can jazz up a dorm room....

Renae's REAL LIFE DORM post

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Renae said...


Thanks so much for including me in this fun tribute to kids. It is fun to see kids' zest for life and willingness to try different things. I had so much fun getting to see 'for real' kids growing to adulthood through college show their signs of creativity and independence!