Tuesday, October 12

Lisa Whitney and her unique prints

Lisa Whitney
Marion, Massachusetts
antique botanical and print dealer
Lisa Whitney is a collector and dealer of antique and vintage prints. Some are hand colored, others of French, American or English origins, while many from various centuries. Lisa's engaging smile and willingness to share her knowledge are what drew me originally to her when we met at an antique show in 2009. She has an amazing sense of color paring - unique prints, frames and mattes combined (not your typical run of the mill botanicals). While I was visiting her booth this year at the East Hampton Mulford Farm Antique Show in July, the items seemed to fly off the walls faster than she could keep them on. There was plenty of other art at the show, but Lisa's collection was quite popular and sold quickly. It may have been the way she stylizes her spaces, adding new and old items together or her interesting framing, but Lisa's art looks fresh and unique and somehow modern. I bought two of these subtly colored prints from Lisa's collection (she had several). They have musical instruments woven into the collage - violins, a harp, and details of hunt scenes. I think I'll frame them in natural faux bamboo frames to hang on my master bedroom tiffany blue walls. I have a mixture of styles in the room and the musical accoutrements, plus neoclassical touches, work with the other aesthetics. They are feminine yet not too much so, due to the hunt scene. Lisa shares helpful hints on collecting botanicals and art - Lisa advises to to be patient and live with a new piece of art in your home for awhile before you hang it. She sometimes leaves art propped up in an area for a few days, becoming inspired on whether it works in a room or not. When deciding to use art in a room, Lisa recommends choosing art based upon the feeling it brings to a room rather than literally matching the colors with the furniture.

" I sometimes avoid traditional rules of hanging art in a home. The rule of thumb is to most often measure 56" from the floor to the center of a piece when hanging. However, I advise clients to look at a space and see how it is best utilized and most interesting to the eye. Often times, the rule of thumb does not apply. If you really love a piece, create a space for it, and maybe an expected spot where it will be thoroughly enjoyed and highlighted. I like to select an area where the art will be viewed and properly showcased. For example, I often hang special art low and behind a bar area where friends convene. This dramatic placement makes a statement. But, most importantly I recommend that you buy what you love."

Lisa Whitney


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Great advice on buying what you love and living with art for awhile before hanging it. I love botanicals and she has some beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing them with us. On a side note, Tamara, your blog design is like no other I've seen! Interesting layout with wonderful use of visuals.

Anonymous said...

I enjoying reading about both Lisa and Idoline and their art. I have a soft spot for antique prints and love to go to antique fairs. How special it would be to bring a little from the ocean into my home all the way in the midwest. thank you for your stories. I am not sure if this comment will post because I do not have a blog or gmail account and for some reason it won't take my eamil account so will hit the anonymous button. I enjoy Nest and stop each month. Charlene Wilson

Nancy Moon said...

Tamara, I just love love love your blog, it's so colorful and happy....and the horse pictures and design are an added bonus! Nancy Moon | Moon Public Relations

Roxanne Briggs said...

Tamara, how do find the time to do all of this research! Love looking at your site and reading the articles!

Storibook Designs said...

Loved reading "Why I Pen this Blog". The reflection on your Mom and the wishes you had for your blog were beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing so openly from your heart!

Seedplanter Designs said...

I look forward to seeing your "reveal" later this month. The chairs are wonderful finds!

Old Map said...

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