Wednesday, November 17

Wouldn't this beautiful art make a lovely fabric or wallpaper?

When I first saw Kathe Fraga's incredible paintings
I honestly thought it was a wonderfully hand painted fabric or wallpaper collection.

hope you read the story
about Kathe's work
in Ocean Home magazine
written by Barbara Segal
(Barbara pens a fabulous blog - beachhousedecor at
a few months ago I was perusing Twitter (my favorite place to see what my friends are up to) and came across this story featured in Ocean Home Magazine written by Twitter pal Barbara Segal.  At first glance I thought this ethereal, exquisite art was hand screened fabric or handmade wallpaper. Instead, they are large canvas paintings meticulously made in many layers, and the result is a stunning, unique work that is modern and fresh yet intertwined with a sense of history.

In the editorial, Barbara outlined the details and passion behind talented artist Kathe Fraga's works. Soon after reading the story, Kathe and I became Twitter friends and we started chatting regularly about her art, New York City, the beautiful island she lives thing lead to another and Kathe told me her interest in taking her beautifully inspired art to produce a line of fabric.  How ironic?

Kathe's art has become quite popular and she now commissions pieces for private institutions and art collectors.  She paints these scenes that seem to run off the canvas and give the impression the painting only captures a glimpse of something larger, an architectural remnant perhaps from an ancient building. 

Kathe lives and paints on Bainbridge Island, Washington in a 100-year-old stone house by the sea. She captures the essence of nature, birds, flowers and all that surrounds her on this beautiful island but she also injects something original into her pieces - a sense of history.  She does this in many ways, starting with plastering the canvas in a unique fashion. This gives a textural element to the canvas that gesso may not.  She paints many layers of colors and images, creating a unique story on each work. 

modern, yet historical in nature, Kathe's art is unique.
See below Kathe tells of her inspiration and technique:
"The paintings in my “French Wallpaper Series” are intended to evoke the hand-painted, timeworn walls of a grand old Parisian mansion. Each piece resembles an aged decorative fresco panel adorned with birds and flowers, vines and leaves in a modern Chinoiserie style. I am inspired by the bright, colorful, fanciful imagery that made this unique style popular in the 17th and 18th century.

My art is influenced by the beauty and romance of old: vintage silky kimonos, hand-worked embroidery, lacquered little boxes, blocked wallpaper and panels from years ago, distressed with age, revealing a soft loveliness still…viewers see layered colors peeking out behind one another—pinks, blues, lavender—speckles of gold, a wisp of a faded blossom. Look for a small shy heart. A nestle of lovebirds. A French phrase. Each piece meant to be seen as part of a larger scene that’s been hidden away…until now."    Kathe Fraga
Kathe had many requests for paper and she launched a pretty line of note cards called
KF Greeting Collection
A few select shops are carrying her products including
Lark & Key gallery in Charlotte, NC

I put this out to my talented, versatile and plugged-in readers.... 
If you have any ideas  for Kathe
on how to take these lovely pieces of art 
and produce a line of fabric or wallpaper,


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Such beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

what a view. This art is very unusual and agree it would be so pretty on fabric. I think Kathy is very talented. Hope someday to see her fabric in a story. Happy Thanksgiving to you Tamara. From, S.L.