Sunday, April 10

a beautiful gala and flowers, flowers, flowers galore...

A flawless party
with lots of pretty fragrant white roses

in the beautiful ballroom on the third floor of the historic
New York City

 Inspired by the grandness of Versailles, you first climb a grand spiral staircase made of Hauteville marble. The ceiling over the stairwell is home to a painted mural by French Artist Hector d'Espouy and a Tiffany stained-glass skylight.   The ballroom walls are made of Campan vert marble and detailed ceiling depicting floral arrangements and similar accoutrements. The original painting of an Italian garden by Bonanno hangs high on the wall.  Unlike the other areas of the home, which were modeled after more traditional English and European styles, the ballroom was shaped from the ornate Galeries des Glaces of Versailles with elaborate twelve foot high doors encased with mirrors and surrounding the ballroom. Check out the Burden Mansion website for more information and historic mentions about this unique space, one of New York City's largest residential homes from the early 1900s.

in the throes of making the hand tied arrangement,
worked all day...

 finished up our work on the eve of the gala with a toast -
sharing a delicious bottle of
Paul (Pol) Roger champagne
Thank You Amy for introducing me to this bubbly!
After the installation of the pretty tables,
gold ballroom chairs, green shimmery tablecloths, the menu cards, and the
 hand tied vedella roses and greenery,
the ballroom was set and ready for the 120 guests to arrive

Chef David Burke's
crew set up in an adjoining room
under a coffered ceiling
they plated the delectible food...

the quiet before the storm...
 The Perfection Menu was divine

  check out this ornate ceiling

elegance with an old world charm
guests left with arrangements in hand to take home
and enjoy for the rest of the weekend...

Baklava from Astoria

Stop back next week for a detailed look
at organizing a Greek Dinner Party
complete with recipes,
a trek to Astoria, Queens
for inspiration and a fun gathering of friends!


Kathe Fraga said...

Gorgeousness to the max--loved your post and all the pics. What a beauty!

Jennifer Duchene said...

Love this fabulous glamor! Thanks for a peak in!

Jennifer Duchene
Home Makeover Mixtress blending lifestyle laughter & Diva Dens

Michelle Jennings Wiebe, ASID said...

Beautiful! Everything is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Tamara. I have walked by The Sacred Heart school so many times and marveled at the building but who knew this ballroom was so intact? Thanks for posting and showing me your blog. Best wishes; Nancy

Art Style said...

What, no pictures of the evening and you being completely besotted by the fruits of charitable hard work?! Cannot wait for your visit to Astoria. I love the club concept. Maybe I'll organize such a thing.

My spring goal is to return to Arthur Ave for a pound or 10 of Papardelle from Borgatti's. It's seriously the best I've ever had, and I've had too much!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you that this is a wonderful space as well as party. Those flowers are very tight and elegantly put together too. cheers, tania walsh

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

What an amazing + grand historic house! Everything looked wonderful... flowers so elegant! Congrats to all ; )

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Tamara,
Thankyou so much for dropping by my blog and Oh! my God ... your lovely words are so inspiring ... I so enjoyed your blog had to hav eit on my list. Hope I made it to your list because you liked what you saw on the blog... :):) ...Thankyou so much... again.

Anonymous said...

I want to run out to the flower market now and put a bundle together. these are very pretty and you two looked like you worked very hard. congratulation.

Diana Bustamante said...

What a wonderful Greek dinner! Yummy! And beautiful!