Wednesday, November 9

Just in Time for the Holiday Season: I recommend Kathryn Crisp Greeley's The Collected Tabletop

This November I am recommending a new book each and every week,
I'll bring you a glimpse of their pages and entice with the content. 

Who doesn't love a good book? 

Meeting Kathryn Crisp Greeley at Archivia book shop
and picking up a signed copy of
 The Collected Tabletop
That's why I've decided to highlight a few of my very favorite new books this Holiday Season.  I love blogs and online magazines but there is just something so very wonderful about a beautifully written book printed on glossy paper, and one with gorgeous photography puts it over the top for me.  I collect cookbooks, design, history and fashion books and all the stuff in between, and it's one of my very favorite gifts to give during the Holidays!

Check out interior designer Kathryn Crisp Greeley's new book
Hot Off The Press -- The Collected Tabletop
don't forget to read Kathryn's blog

With Halloween safely behind us, it's time for the festivities to begin -- from cocktail parties to tree lighting celebrations the fun never ends until New Years Day. 

It's just a party folks! 

So, how appropriate that my very first book recommendation for this Holiday season is a journey about entertaining in the home, complete with recipes and beautifully set tables and decorating

let's chat a bit about entertaining... 

You know how much I love this topic and I have long dreamt of penning my own book about approaching entertaining with ease in your home, so when my friend Tobi Fairley invited me to one of my favorite books stores on Lexington avenue (Archivia books) to meet her good friend, Kathryn Crisp Greeley and pick up a signed copy of her newly launched book, I jumped at the opportunity. 

 I enjoyed chatting with Kathryn and she shared with me a little bit about her passion for decorating and entertaining.  She longed to write a book for quite some time and seeing it come to fruition was a fabulous journey.  I highly recommend picking up a copy for a slice of southern charm and good taste all rolled together, and with a few darn good recipes to boot. The Collected Tabletop takes you on an adventure offering up a myriad of elegant events, and you become at once entranced and immediately a guest in her stylish world.  Take a look at some beautiful images Kathryn generously shared with me...
An interesting combination of colors and textures with this pink porcelain Minton plate (England 1910), peony flowers 
and berry tart from her very first chapter
A Study in Pink

"Pink is not just a color:  it's also an attitude, a way of life."  Kathryn

the shimmer of crystal and a cluster on this table encourages you to suddenly sit up straight and relish in the moment

 as Kathryn points out with this amazing photography, the devil is in the details when entertaining guests -- a dramatic show where the host entertains all the senses

 Kathryn tugs at my heart with the blue and dark wood, the spindled legs and now I yearn to hang even more of my Blue Willow on the wall. 
Her collection is astounding and mixed with the dark green walls it's the perfect example of Kathryn's philosophy of curating your interior design.
Work spanning from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina and across the Southeast, interior designer Kathryn Greeley has worked in the design industry for 30 years. The book showcases the many classic interiors she has designed.  Kathryn brings an astute knowledge of antiques and hard to find collectibles to these pages.  I appreciate her style and it is plain to see she has honed her skills, but working her hand with a “collected, not decorated” approach.  In The Collected Tabletop, Kathryn shares her love of beautiful collections and antiques while offering up entertaining and cooking advice.

“There is something lovely to collect and use for every event and when you know how to use them, these collections combined with principals of design and grace, make for very elegant entertaining”~Kathryn

I'm excited to host a luncheon next week and I've already tabbed page 61 to prepare Kathryn's
 Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Pistachios -
I'll keep you posted!