Tuesday, March 26

California, decorating and a look at the architecture of the Hotel del Coronado

Our visit to Southern California 
with a look at a historic resort
This week we took a trip to San Diego, one of my favorite places.  
I've written before about how I appreciate the varying topography, the eclectic food and culture, and, of course, the kick-back beach lifestyle of this area in California. 
Coronado bridge leading from San Diego

I enjoy decorating client's homes here where there is an infusion of the surf culture.  It is almost impossible not to consider the sunshine, the ocean and the surfing community when decorating.  The particular home I am working on is a Spanish revival stucco facade.  We utilized design showroom fabrics to make curtains, pillows, upholstery, rugs and picked up unique art and furniture as well. 

We traveled from San Diego to Los Angeles for both fun and work.  I was also able to fit in family time, including surfing, visits to Venice Beach, a farmer's market in Santa Monica and topped it all of with a day-trip to the island of Coronado.  Speaking of architecture, I'm sharing with you views of the historic Hotel del Coronado created in a Victorian style with touches of Spanish architecture.  

The island has a long history beginning in the 17th Century when Spanish explorers discovered this group of islands off the coast of Southern California.  The island was mostly
uninhabited for centuries with the exception of stop overs from whalers in the early 19th century utilizing the island in their travels.  In 1821 when Mexico gained independence from Spain, land grants were issued for the island then sold soon after to an American trading ship captain. It wasn’t until the late 1800s when the Hotel del Coronado was built, that many were lured to the island.  Soon, the island and the resort gained notoriety among the rich and famous.  
the movie "Some Like It Hot" was filmed
at the hotel in 1958
Back then, the hotel (known as "the Dell) brought tourists with its expansive swimming pool, a Ferris wheel, sailing and family activities. The hotel has a long-winding history and many old time Hollywood movie stars found their way during this time frame. There is even local whispers of a ghost occupying the premises.

Many also claim the famous movie, "The Wizard of Oz" was partially inspired by the hotel by author L. Frank Baum who frequented the island.  Baum reportedly designed the crown chandeliers in the hotel's dining room.  Because of this connection, there are many color green (emerald) references around the island, including the green and white school colors for the local high school, the city flag is green and white and even a local surf shop named Emerald City.  

our day visit to the resort

Happy Nesting XO