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Looking To Pinterest For Inspiration: Views Of Social Distancing & Face Masks

thoughts on our new column,
Wordy-less Wednesday 
All Of Us Before COVID-19
Alexander McQueen
check out my FACE MASK board for sources
All of Us After COVID-19
the past looking like the future
art imitating life
fashion designer Alexander McQueen ahead of his time 

Dear Readers,

This post is why I love art! We humans pride ourselves on being incredibly intelligent, yet we continue to see the world in very general categories with no grey. You're either on one side or the other and many will insist there is no in-between.  We need to do better, think more and try to not let the outside influences and loudest voices make us ride along on the current tide that changes like the weather. While life may sometimes feel absolute and painted with that brush, art remains truly grey.  This is why we love it so much because each painting, sculpture, drawing makes us wonder, and we connect the dots so it's not beholden to literal interpretation. It's interactive.  That's what makes art unique and important.  I often go back to the "art table" when I find this happening on social media or in real life.  On that grey note, making Wednesdays now a little bit more wordless here on the blog feels thought-provoking. I love Pinterest, and it's been a source of inspiration for me, not just for all the pretty pictures but for its research capabilities. I find myself following these pins to their origins, going down some fun and interesting "rabbit holes" then discovering and reading and then creating fodder. As a creative person this is valuable. I've taught my kids the importance of being creative and it sometimes means just tune out all the noise and allow down time- it's something intangible that we need to keep in our wheel house of skills. So, our new Wordy-less Wednesday column is a way to bring some of that sentiment to the blog without our signature back story, but just for a moment to pause and relish in the beauty, sometimes strangeness, yet the wonder of it all and hopefully you'll do some of that "rabbit hole" researching with these images I pinned. Some of these photographs are quite old from fashion shows and the lens of designers/artists yet they feel eerily current. Who knew face masks would be such an important part of our every day life when Alexander McQueen and other designers added them to their shows back in the day? Follow me on Pinterest, and by the way it's one of the growing social media platforms for this very reason.

XO Tamara

artist Nick Cave
feels about going back to the real world!
Alexander McQueen 2013
who are we without human interaction?
Alexander McQueen 2009
Carnivale diVeniezia
history weighs heavy

Chanel Fall 2009


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