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fabric house, Quadrille owners
 John Knott & John Fonda's home in Maine 
"In the context of summer houses, the term cottage has little to do with size.  Rather, it implies a cozy intimacy in contrast to the grandeur of expansiveness of the surrounding landscape" 
-author Jennifer Rudick, Summer to Summer
Thoughts on new book,
Houses by the Sea
Ken Fulk and Kurt Woonton's summer home in Provincetown 
in Baxter's Landing showing a love for dogs!
Written by Allison Rudick
Photographed by Tria Giovan
Published by Vendome Press
Under The Pergola For Lunch at Aerin Lauder's East Hampton home 
No doubt we are viewing our homes in new ways since the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world.  Staying home 24-hours a day for Americans has given many a renewed appreciation for interior design and the comforts of living in our home, and now that also means working in and vacationing in our home.  It's our "new normal" way of living.  Comfortable furniture, beautiful decor, well lit rooms, and versatile spaces  are all top of mind these days.  To me, this new perspective has some benefits as we can relish and appreciate the value of a safe haven, our respite from the world.   I am passionate about homes, architecture and interior design. As a writer and blog author, a textile designer, and an interior designer for decades, I've seen and obsessed over many types of homes in all different shapes and sizes, but there is something unique about a cottage, and I almost always gravitate to that cozy type of home.  I also love historic homes with a past where the homeowner adds their own twist to the mix. I'm not opposed to newer homes either but to me, it adds much character when the history of the neighborhood and community is somehow brought into the design to make it feel, well, at home.  As a long-time resident of East Hampton where I've built my own family home and nest away from the bustle of the city, I appreciate sea-side living.  Heck, if I had WIFI, I'd even live in a cottage by the sea all year round.  To me, a home that feels close to nature, water, and gardens is luxury living. 

No better way to illustrate the value of a beautiful home then flipping through the glossy pages of this new book Summer To Summer showing inspirational homes in seaside nooks and crannies. We just want to hop into those pages, grab an iced tea and languish on the porch to tune out the noise of the world, don't we?  Page by page we are transported to living beautifully. Rudick captures many sea-side homes in the book beautifully. I love the views she offers, many through an artist or designer's lens. I reviewed two other books written by Rudick before and I find she captures homes with a unique, personal flair allowing the homeowner's personality to shine through.  The photography is so beautifully created by Tria Giovan as well.  See my review of  PALM BEACH CHIC  and OUT EAST.  

There's a lot to brag about with exclusive views into high profile folk's stylish homes.  Just to name a few- fabric company Quadrille couple John Fondas and John Knott's place in Maine (and for the record this home may very well be one of the most popular homes on Pinterest), my friend Aerin Lauder's home (originally her grandmother, Estée Lauder's home) in East Hampton, another friend Vanessa Diserio's cottage in Nantucket, singer Carly Simon's home on Martha's Vineyard, interior designer Meg Braff's home in Newport, and interior designer Ken Fulk's home in California. See three homes below in particular that captured our heart for their authentic, and beautiful designs.  The  book offers magical views into these homes and the people who own them,  and it's a must read! 
Happy Nesting
On an island in Maine, Apple Barlett's seaside cottage has BIG personality.  I love the painted staircase, the wicker, the artful collections and just the feelings the home evokes that brings me back to my childhood.  No wonder.  As I read more, I realize the home has been in Barlett's family since 1954, and was imagined and designed by her mother who also happens to be world-famous interior designer Dorothy "Sister" Parish. No wonder it feels nostalgic to me as Dorothy Parish was known for captured American crafts in her designs.  The home is my favorite in the book. 
artist and architect, John Dowd restoration of an 1820 Geek Revival home. Photographs capture the feeling of this historic home, and shows his talent well.  
WRITER's HOME on Martha's Vineyard
I love the simplicity yet picturesque feeling of the Writer's Cottage.  Literary couple, William and Rose Styron's home on Martha's Vineyard (I summer'd on the Vineyard for years and was married there as well, so I'm partial), evokes a poetic sensibility with meandering property and views of the water.  It's perfect. 
Bulls Head Bay is surrounded by a national wildlife refuge and feels world's away from the hedges of Southampton.  Nestled between harbors and beaches, The Liberman's new home is quirky with a Boathouse feel. Designed by interior designer Mica Ertegun they kept the nautical touches in place when re-building a new home on this historic site.  An expansive screened-in porch anchors the home.

for more photographs and the complete story on these homes, this book is a "must read" for Summer 2020

about the author- Jennifer Ash Rudick is the author of Palm Beach ChicOut East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons, and City of Angels: Houses and Gardens of Los Angeles. A contributing editor to Galerie magazine, she has written for national publications, including the Washington PostW, and Town & Country. With Maysles Films, she produced the Emmy-nominated documentary Iris, and she directed and produced the documentary Diner en Blanc. She lives in New York City and Southampton, NY.

about the photographer- Tria Giovan specializes in photographing interiors, still life, food, and portraiture. The photographer of Out East: House and Gardens of the Hamptons, her work has appeared in Costal Living, EsquireHouse BeautifulTravel & Leisure, and Veranda. Two volumes of her work have been published: Sand Sea Sky: The Beaches of Sagaponack and Cuba: The Elusive Island. She lives in Sag Harbor, NY, and New York City.

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