Tuesday, August 5

Why In Design: FISH FARM, a local haunt/agriculture center in the Hamptons, the #UNhamptons

Sometimes when meandering around the East End of Long Island 
there are just places too interesting to pass up...
The Fish Farm in Amagansett is one of them!
Today, let's take a look at a unique, quirky and special place in Amagansett, Long Island.  So very #UNhamptons in it's vibe, so much so I thought it worthy of this post.  They call themselves a multi-agricultural center.  It's one part food stand restaurant with freshly prepared seafood and baked goods, another part hatchery with live fish in large pools.  The Fish Farm has an eclectic personality and while some love it others find it to be a bit odd.  I fall in the middle of this opinion and I continue to be fascinated with the place, although I admit the first time I visited I almost got right back in my car and drove away.  Let's just say it's raw and a bit rough around the edges, but that is also the beauty of The Fish Farm.  Now that I have a feel for the ambiance, I keep getting drawn back.  Come take a look at some images I captured here on the property located on gorgeous Cranberry Road in Amagansett.  You arrive to two over sized industrial-looking rusty metal barns, geese everywhere and lots of pretty pottery for sale strewn about this expansive property.  Strange as it appears, there is a patina to the place that entices.  The food is rumored to be very good and brings locals back again and again. You can order food and sit enjoying it at the tables overlooking Gardiner's Bay.  It has a decidedly French feel and the little market sells a cornucopia of food and kitchen products from around the world.  It is certainly worth a visit the next time you're in this neck of the woods.
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara

just another day in Amagansett with locals driving through town on tractors.
Now, that's very #UnHamptons, don't you think?