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BOOK REVIEW: Ode To Color by Lori Weitzner!

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 Ode To Color
the Ten Essential Palettes for Living and Design
written by Lori Weitzner
published by Harper Collins
"the sight and smell of a new box of Crayola crayons--particularly one with a built-in sharpener--with its stadium-like assembly of perfect parrafin tips is a work of art in itself, a rainbow of possibilities and a conjurer of childhood memories.  The distinct smell of crayons is, according to Yale University, the eighteenth most recognizable scent among American adults."
-Ode to Color
You may already know award-winning Lori Weitzner from the beautiful and unique textiles she creates.  She has now published this interesting coffee table book, which instructs and inspires on the usage of color in design, and how history and culture play a part when we choose our favorite hues.  Ode to Color is a 225-page color adventure formulated into ten chapters, and it's a kaleidoscope of color discoveries.   

Along with gorgeous photography, Weitzner showcases her sketches and illustrations while taking the reader on an engaging journey and a visit to her own design studio. Weitzner gives tips and advice on how to best decorate with these colors in our home by way of fabric, paint and accessories. The book breaks down the power of various color palettes while offering up historical, religious and cultural tidbits about them. These unique ten categories instantly conjures up emotions often associated with these colors.  The chapters are Waterside, Silverlight, Garden Party, Night Shadows, Whisper, Earthly, At Ease, Out Loud, Alchemy, and Fragrant Woods.

My favorite color is blue and I love seeing a full chapter dedicated to this versatile hue.  Weitzner showcases a quote from my favorite song as well--Joni Mitchell's Blue--in order to illustrate the importance and vastness of the color. 
"Blue here is a shell for you
Inside you'll hear a sigh
a foggy lullaby
There is your song for me"
JONI MITCHELL "Blue" 1979 
We may never look at color quite the same way again after reading this inspiring book, and my take away is a deeper understanding of the color wheel and the psychology it plays in our lives.  Ode to Color would make a perfect gift for the design and art aficionado in your life, or maybe just a lovely addition to your own library.  You can pick up a copy of Ode to Color at Amazon online to start your new year on a festive and colorful note!
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 Weitzner's studio shows 
a cornucopia of colors and textiles

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