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DESIGN TRENDS: Circles, Circles Everywhere In Home Design!

Let's Go Round & Round:  
Nest by Tamara's favorite designs reveal our love for the circle shape in home design!
the mysterious moon-- the shape and texture draws us in...
With my recent travels throughout Europe and the United States to sleuth out the most innovative design and art at trades shows, street art, exhibits and fashion events, I gleaned five emerging design and color trends.  I was invited to speak about this at the opening of NYNOW in January, 2017.  These five trends/movements I identified seem to pull at us at every turn, and they are-- 1. Planetary Bean; 2. Artisinal, Historian; 3. Exotica, Maximal; 4. Techno Light Play; and, 5. Sleepy Moody
 For more on these trends, my NYNOW slideshow 
Today, noting the Planetary Bean and Sleepy/Moody trends, we are developing a newfound love and appreciation for the circle.  This shape seems to be everywhere in design these days.  Perhaps it's our continued and growing fascination with the moon, the planets, or the medicinal and healing properties of the shape-- how it is completes us and makes us whole?  whatever the reason, the circle is making its way onto the patterns and designs of fabrics, wall coverings, sculpture, paintings, art and furniture with a vengeance.  
 root cellar designs' wallpaper patterns, "nauticalia"

root cellar designs' wallpaper & fabric pattern, "wheels"

Lizzy Taber art
We love the circle so much we are even channeling the shape for much of the inspiration in our upcoming dining room design at Housingwork's Design On A Dime on April 27, 2017.  Our room design will be an elegant dinner party set somewhere exotic, showing a relaxed, celebration, and we will bring in the circle shape throughout the space in numerous ways.  First, we created a new fabric and wallpaper pattern to include in the design by way of floor cushions, "wheels".  Next, we created a new wallpaper pattern that encapsulates sea life in repeating and mirrored circles. We will hang framed, French panels of our new wallpaper collection, exotica throughout the 10X12 room.  We are also excited to be profiling the work of emerging artist and print maker, Lizzy Taber.  Currently, receiving an MFA in textile design, she generously donated four gorgeous hand-made circular pieces we will hang in our room design. So, without further ado, let's share some of our favorite circle designs. We are happy to share these sources with you, and hope you will be inspired to pick up some of these beauties for your home.   
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

the texture collection explores surfaces and inspired by the beautiful round, orb shape.  These art pieces are perfect to hang in groupings and with a center installation, they rotate once on the wall as well.  This design duo creates these from pigmented concrete in their Brooklyn studio.

 Samantha Sandbrook includes lots of the beautiful and unique circular designs in her art for both the table and the wall.  It is hard to choose because we love all her art, but two of our favorites include--
portholes which make you feel you're on a luxury liner and offered in stainless steel or brass finishes.  
The Oscar Wilde collection is a medley of brass and acrylic in a series of circle shape pieces created all with industrial parts-- divine!
Apollo Mirror
 ben and aja blanc are two artisans collaborating to create these unique and edgy pieces.  We are smitten with their mirrors, which are round and mysterious with horse hair detailing. They make these beauties by commission and each is a spectacular work of art!
equus mirror
Lizzy Taber plays with light and shape to create these ethereal discs, circular art pieces that can be hung or displayed on stands.  She creates this abaca paper, then laser cuts the designs into the paper and finally, sandwiches the piece with hand-cut plexiglass

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