Friday, March 17

ENTERTAINING POST: Beautiful Kitchens, Delicious Food--a dining experience at Fisher & Paykel Showroom in New York City

Delicious Bites & A Gorgeously 
appointed Kitchen:
an evening at Fisher & Paykel showroom, 
New York City!
The East Coast storm Stella rolled into town in two phases this week in New York City, bringing us to a stand still and slowing us down from our normal, frenetic pace.  I love it when it snows here because we are free to move about without the worries of shoveling and cleaning ice from our cars.  We simply don our snow boots and venture out.    Some events are worth wrestling the conditions for, and when Fisher & Paykel invited us for a dinner tasting in their beautiful kitchen showroom, I obliged.  

Meeting and hearing from chef Ludo Lefebre and designer Ginny Capo to learn of their collaborative cook and talk, Design To Dish.  It was worth the trek, (and no complaining since I live a mere 20 blocks from the showroom).
I am always happy to learn more about cooking, since I  enjoy hosting dinner parties and cooking for my friends and family.  Read my Under The Pergola column for recipes and entertaining stories.  I am particularly smitten with Fisher & Paykel's  OB30SDEX3 ovenThis large capacity oven is an expansive 30" and offers innovative features, while offering high performance cooking.  They boast to prepare the best roasts! Judging from the food that came out of the Fisher & Paykel kitchen last evening, this proves to be true.
This oven comes in three single and two double models with 4.1 c.u. feet capacity in each oven-- that's a lot of casseroles!  With 10 functions, plus a self-cleaning mode and a catalytic smoke eliminator, this stove is a crowd pleaser.  I love the brushed stainless steel with black glass aesthetic too. There are many features to the oven, but I'm fascinated with the Classic Bake function...
Break out your old French cookbooks, because this Classic Bake function mimics recipes created in older ovens.  In this function, the heat is generated from the bottom only, allowing for gentle cooking for delicate recipes that call for slow cooking.  

Hanging with the kitchen and design crowd last evening...
With our Fisher & Paykel host Paula Smith (above);
and IDS members (below).
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara