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Create a Colorful Life in 2018, Dreams For The Future and a new Wedgewood Book from the Past

I snapped this photo of two professional floral designers in London's flower market a couple years back-- a happy color story!
How Color Brings 
and yes, 
To Our Homes...
Well, that's a tall order for color but I do believe it is true.  While studying psychology in college, there was one class in particular that has stuck in my mind all these years later.  It was a social psychology class with an entire section devoted to how color influences human behavior, particularly in group dynamics.  The teacher went on to showcase architects and designers using color in public spaces as a way to influence moods, either suggesting the crowd to linger or move on in various spaces.  

Color in the home is a subject that I have written about before here on the blog.  Out of all the design considerations when decorating a home, color truly fascinates me the most, and I have seen first-hand the medicinal purposes color can have on our lives, and how it can shape our experiences.  Color choices can transform a room, not just aesthetically but the feelings the room emanates.  How interesting that for the cost of a can or two of paint, you can completely change a room. Check out some examples below-- utilizing bold, vibrant colors in the home is not just a design trend or phase but a timeless way to redefine a space, and that is here to stay! 
photograph via Simon Upton.
 Supermodel Claudia Schiffer's English Tudor Manse showing historic does not need to feel stuffy with the genius use of color, it feels fresh and modern.
photo via Elle Decor 
In this room at fashion designer Nanette Lapore's West Village Townhouse, the moody wood colors anchor the space but the  pops of vibrant color brings the "happy".  The Eva PerĂ³n portrait over the fireplace starts the color trend and then the upholstery and accessories carry that sentiment through.
photo via World of Interiors
Another example showing that use of color is a timeless tool, is fashion designer Oscar de la Renta's Connecticut home.  This room with mostly white walls, shows a lovely balance of strong color. 
a celery-green room I decorated repeating one color 
works well with lots of neutrals
our colorful root cellar designs' fabric collections 
As we head into 2018, I'd like to channel that sentiment here and convince you to bring color into your home.  Whether it's splashes of a vibrant color against a neutral backdrop or swathing an entire room in your favorite hue.  While 2017 was the year of color in design, (I noted it over and over again here on the blog after  my travels from Maison Objet in Paris to the Hamptons design and antiques shows), I think 2018 is the year to find ways to do that successfully.  We saw color being used in unexpected ways and combinations this year.  Layering, color blocking, ombre, and bold uses. Yes, it was more vibrant and daring.  Now, for 2018 let's take that all in and bit by bit add that to our home in ways that propel us forward and bring a modern sensibility to our homes.  Color makes us happy, period.  I am not going to quibble that a neutral, soothing room has value, and black is very chic too.  But, for this story, let's think about color in a new light -- close your eyes and picture your  hues, the ones that make you happiest.   Mine are varied and run the gambit from pale pinks to emeralds to every shade of blue under the sun...but, it is different for everyone.  Listen to your voice, and maybe take inspiration from these photos below.  
Secondly, on the color subject, I was happy to read page by page the newest publication about Wedgewood (were the leaders in style, design and color back in the day, and this English company set the tone for fine living).  
photograph via Flower Magazine
"Wedgewood:  A Story of Creation and Innovation".  Published by Rizzoli, it a a beautiful coffee-table worthy rendition of fine examples of the English company's offerings.  Author Gay Blake-Roberts takes us through the historical time line from 1759 and beyond showing the wares in their very best light.  Back then, creating the perfect color and material was a labor of love, all by hand and with many levels of tweaking.  Choosing and fine-tuning color was a premier art form, and Wedgewood was the leader in style and design.  The book goes on to argue that "beautifu.things" are not merely materialism, but these connections we make can have real meaning in our lives.  250 years later we are still placing an emphasis squarely on our homes, the colors we choose, the wares and colors we choose to live with, adore and showcase to our selves and our guests every day.  
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