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Friday, October 5

Fashion & Interiors Together with a book review-- Dior and His Decorators

Nest by Tamara Book Review:
by Maureen Footer 
published by Vendome Press
This book dives into Dior's long term working relationship and friendship with interior designers Georges Geffroy and Victor Grandpierre, and showcases their important role in his rise as one of the great fashion designers in history, as well as forever changes how the world views interior design and the relationship between client and designer.  Authored by famed historian, Maureen Footer, an expert in French decorative arts, and a forward by editor-at-large for U.S. VogueHamish Bowles, this book is an important look at French fashion and interior design together.  

Grandpierre was a former photographer and Geffroy a former fashion designer, and together they helped bring back French classicism, yet with a modern perspective by mixing together English furniture, Finnish rugs and eclectic art.  Both designers shared with Dior a fascination for 18th century design with an elegant twist.  They helped Dior in his business and life--Geffroy encouraged and helped Dior enter the world of Couture, while Grandpierre created the colors and palette for Dior's designs that are still part of the Dior brand today, including the iconic packaging of Dior's perfumes.  
Dior’s shoe boutique in the 1950s.
Let's go back to the 1940s, Paris was in ruins from the war, and it wasn't exactly the best time for fashion.  Or was it?  Dior came on the scene at a pivotal moment when the French were tired and weary in war-torn Paris.  His talent and designs promised a more glamorous lifestyle, and the timing could not have been better.  Dior's fastidious attention to detail, his Belle Epoque, gorgeous designs were a welcoming break from all the dismal surrounding Parisians.  Maureen Footer notes, 
"spring had 
returned to Paris."
© David Bordes/Centre des monuments nationaux
This manner of dress brought back old-fashioned style, French values and a classic etiquette of setting a formal table, dressing well and decorating your home with the finest elements once again, and a focus on living well in high, restrained style.  Both these interior designers transformed Dior's townhouse, and went on to later design salons for other fashion greats, including the homes of Yves Saint Laurent, Marcel Rochas, Gloria Guinness, Daisy Fellowes and Maria Callas

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Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
Hélène Rochas’s bedroom, decorated by Georges Geffroy.
A Grandpierre bedroom for the Comtesse de Maillé. © Alain Lonchampt
 Dior grey is restrained yet gorgeous
Courtesy of the Christian Dior Parfums collection
© Anthony Denney