Thursday, April 5

"nesting" for the holiday: coloring eggs, the hunt & preparing a simple old fashioned Easter Brunch

spring is just the perfect time to nest...
this season is brimming over with promise of 
new beginnings,
showing the bounties of nature after a sleepy winter
Nesting and Spring
go hand in hand
and there is something soothing about
an old fashioned celebration to ring in the season
East Hampton

let's get inspired with images we took
 at various farmer's market
and oh my is that lil' lamb cute over in Bridgehampon?
photography by Gabby Stephenson
and while we were there we picked up some fresh ingredients
to put together
a country party:  
but, with our busy schedule this month
it has to be simple -
easy egg coloring, a hunt and a delicious but casual brunch
we summoned up ingredients from the local supermarket
(nothing fancy just good old fashioned food coloring and vinegar)
and made up a batch of pretty colored eggs

 while the kids were busy coloring the eggs,
I whipped together a quick brunch for a small gathering
the baked ham in the oven
Our Easter Brunch Menu
Brown Sugar, Garlic and Stone Ground Mustard-Glazed Ham
Homemade Biscuits w/Sarabeth's Kitchen orange & apricot marmalade.
Mozzarella, Basil & Tomato Panini
Roasted Asparagus, Garlic and Penne Rigate
Watermelon, Arugula and Feta salad,
for dessert:
 tasty treats from Tates Bake Shop

This glazed ham is a throwback dish from my childhood. I enjoy making it for brunch because it is easy to prepare and goes well with many dishes. By the way, every time I make it my guests love it. I glazed it today with a combination of brown sugar, chopped garlic and stone ground mustard. Added bonus: two hours of cooking leaves your home smelling divine.
I confess to making homemade biscuits but first thing in the morning before anyone woke,
however for a simpler,
less labor intensive brunch pick up some freshly baked biscuits at your local bakery
(I served Sarabeth's Kitchen marmalade too)

 (tip: I roasted the asparagus and garlic in the morning while setting the table).
I returned home and after running errands, I boiled the water,
made the pasta and drizzled olive oil and pepper flakes.

I have a panini maker from Williams Sonoma
because we make these quite often but without one
simply use focaccia bread, slice and 
fill with ingredients plus a sprinkle of olive oil,
toast in a deep dish pan. 
This sandwich needs weight on top,
so press a smaller pan on top or use a clean brick

my guest Patrice made this amazing salad:
fresh watermelon, arugula, pine nuts and a slight sprinkling of feta cheese -
tossed with an aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil

the table is set and guests arrive

the hunt begins
even our dogs frolic 

happy nesting!