WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog

WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog
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The value of abstract art and profile of Teters Art

I spy gorgeous art:
Let's explore the works created 
by Jerry Teters.
Thalo Blue
At first, it may sound silly to equate one of my children's favorite bedtime reads (well, he is almost 15 now, but I am referring to when he was four) with abstract art, but somehow I'm making the connection here so please stay with me a moment.  Do you remember the Eye-Spy books?  If you're a parent you probably wiled away many an evening playing this lovely book/game with your child.  On each page there are little hidden gems sprinkled throughout the pages and my son would squeal with glee when he spotted them camouflaged.  When I spot a piece of abstract art I love, that is what it does for me.  I experience that "ah-ha" moment when I glance upon it, at first holding one meaning, but then at further sleuthing I become enraptured, and soon find something new.  Sometimes abstract art can do that in a more meaningful way than other works. 
 artist Jerry Teter hangs his work, Thalo Blue 
at the Artist's Palette in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Finding that special piece of art can become the crowned jewel of a home, and often brings a personal, deep meaning to the design.  I love it when I see unique and powerful abstract art.  This colorful piece from Jerry Teters inspired me to write about the works of 
Teters Art 
 I first saw his work hanging next to a Baccarat chandelier in an upper east side penthouse 
designed by James Rixner Interior Design.   
This commissioned piece is even more dramatic than the photograph illustrates and filled out the space well.  The over sized, shimmery dials named Silver Dials on Black compliment the space well.
The artist created a series of disk paintings in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, which were originally inspired by crystals in nature.  Silver Dials on Red was commissioned for a Newton, Massachusetts dining room.  
The above space is designed by Interior Transformations, Danit Ben-Ari.
 Two small Dials pieces are showcased above during an opening exhibition at the 
Pompanoosuc Mills showroom. 
This is one of my favorites titled Floating,
and it was sold and hangs in a Newton, Massachusetts study. Interior design by Interior Transformations, Danit Ben-Ari. Photograph courtesy Dr. Ben Gebo. 
Floating conjures up a sense of peacefulness, the ocean, the open sky, but, of course, the translation varies with each beholder.  I love the patina and the painterly qualities with blurred edges as well as the textures.  Living near the cliffs of Shawangunk Ridge in New Paltz, Jerry takes inspiration from the area's nature, colors and lines.   I think he intended this piece to take on a meditative aura, and I would personally love to add this to a busy hallway or entryway to evoke a sense of peacefulness to the room.
This piece titled Indian Heat works well in this 
Wellesley, Massachussets living room, and like Floating it brings a sense of tranquility. It is created with oil and pencil and on wood.  I love how the designer hung it alone on the far end of the room from the entrance.  It is the first thing you notice when walking into the space, then the curtains, then the furniture, then the paint color and palette, and all melding together to create a lovely story.  
Interior design by Interior Transformations, 
Danit Ben-Ari. Photo courtesy Dr. Ben Gebo Photography.
Jerry creates paintings, prints & mixed medium works, and his art is owned by private collectors and galleries, and have been exhibited at shows in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and throughout the Hudson River Valley area.  He sells his art directly to the consumer but enjoys working with interior designers and commissioning pieces as well.

 a little bit more about Jerry...
"Jerry Teters is an artist and drummer who has combined his love of these two expressions for more than three decades. Jerry holds a Masters in Painting from the State University of New York at New Paltz. He was born in Long Branch, NJ in 1953 and currently lives in New Paltz, New York.  From 1984-1990, Jerry studied painting and drawing in New York City at Pratt Institute, the Art Students League, the National Academy of Design and privately with illustrator Burton Silverman. In the mid-1990s, Jerry and his family moved to the mid-Hudson Valley where he worked as a middle and high school art teacher from 1996-2011. Jerry’s paintings, prints, and mixed medium works are owned by many private collectors and have been exhibited in group and one-person shows in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and throughout the Hudson Valley."
--Teters Art

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara