Wednesday, October 29

8 reasons why Ambella Home should be your next stop this Fall to pick up furniture for your home!

The Stunning
Ambella Home 
Fall Collection

finely detailed.... 
These are just some of the words that best describe the Ambella Home Fall Collection, which was unveiled at Highpoint Market last week.  All the showrooms this year worked hard to stay on-point, offering up beautiful collections that felt fresh and new, but Ambella wins the award for "most improved" this Market.  Our industry is becoming more and more educated on the proper references, terminology and history surrounding the furniture market and products.   To me, this is a good thing because our palettes are finely-tuned, and we know good design when we see it. My friend Jennifer McConnell left her post over at Pearson Furniture this year to take on the challenge of giving Ambella Home a new beginning.  She is now the company's Creative Director for upholstery and she works closely with Rick Janecek, formerly the Creative Director at Global Views for 17 years, who is now the Creative Director at Ambella.  With a fabulous team by their side they worked long hours in record time to pull this collection together (Rick even arranges their own flowers in the showroom).  This collection was created in a few short weeks, with the finished project boasting over 120 case pieces and 36 upholstery styles.  Ambella Home's collection was the highlight of Market, showing us just how much talent there is in the industry.  I enjoyed chatting with Ambella's owner George Moussa about the inspirations and passion that went into this season's wares.  We will certainly be on the edge of our seats and watching them to see what is next on their agenda.  For those of you whom will be adding new pieces into your home this Fall, I highly recommend taking a close look at Ambella's gorgeous collection of casement pieces, fabrics and upholstery.   
Let me give you 8 good reasons why...

Happy Nesting

XO Tamara
Creative Director duo Jennifer McConnellRick Janecek striking a pose in the dramatic steel-blue grey  front living room at Ambella's showroom at Highpoint.  
various paintings throughout the showroom 
by Douglas Freeman
the 107 cocktail ottoman
Topping my "must have" list for all of Market is the incredibly gorgeous 107 cocktail ottoman, which was showcased in an iridescent leather (yes, that strie fabric is leather), tufted and sporting sexy, tall Lucite legs.  
Now, that's style! 

 1. Signature pieces -- while many of the new pieces blend well with a variety of styles, glamour is the key word here, with a capital G!  Many from the collection are statement pieces with rich detailing and showing fine craftsmanship 
(as this table above).  

2. Incredibly reasonable prices -- this beautiful chair (above) has a rich style -- leopard, gilt wood, curved shapes and details and yet the prices are stunningly reasonable.  

3.  Attention to detail - tufting, edging, and using intricate  fabrics -- the craftsmanship on the furniture at Ambella is rich, and seen consistently throughout the entire collection.  
this cool set of cocktail tables can be 
used both indoors or outdoors. 
4. On point with current trends - as I described last week in my trend story, I loved many of the trends I saw trickling out even before Market.  There seems to be a distinct focus on brass, metals, natural materials and motifs, trends featuring the equestrian lifestyle, birds and other animals.  The color blue was seen all over Highpoint, but Jennifer pointed out to me that the slate and indigo/marine/navy blues are stronger for the future than the typical summer blues we've seen before.  After seeing that vision realized throughout the showroom, I'm smitten.   
The showroom captured our collective fascination with horses and the equestrian world, and mingled it with our obsession with utilizing natural materials for furnishings, lighting and accessories.

the slate blue-grey walls compliment 
this green tufted leather sofa, 
and it is very comfortable to boot!
5. Beautiful Curves - there was a special attention to soft curving in the furniture as noted above on the bench.  There were a pair of elongated sofas in the front room of the showroom that had a slight curve to them giving the larger size a softness.
6. New Traditionalism -- I see Ambella as having classic foundation with a modern vision, and many of the new styles are forward thinking.  This elongated headboard unit (above) takes on a customized look and a fresh, new approach to creating headboards that double as entire wall units.  The fabric is fresh, and yet somehow it still feels classic and traditional at the same time. 
Asian Cloud Print is Ambella's exclusive pattern 
made in Italy
7. Interesting new fabrics - I love this cloud-inspired fabric offered in different colorways.  The cut velvets and many of the other fabrics are equally impressive.  While there are many fabrics on the market, these feel like something new completely. 

8.  Fine craftsmanship on the hardware -- Since Ambella got their start creating bathroom commodes, they have now taken it up a notch on their sinks and commodes offering gorgeous chests as sink options with tricked-out  hardware with fine detailing.  

  I hope you will put Ambella Home on the top of your shopping list this season. If you live in the New York City area and you want to buy some pieces, please call their toll free number at 877-242-3939 to find a dealer or designer nearby.