Friday, May 8

just in time for a Spring tea party, we find the perfect rug pad for our new dining room rug, thanks to Rug Pads USA

Rug Pads USA is a sponsor of Nest by Tamara
We found the perfect rug pad which allows us to keep this 
splendid rug in our dining room and just in time for a 
Mother's Day Celebration Tea!
my Luster Ware tea cup set: 
these little demi-cups have Geisha holograms in the bottom of each cup, so at the end of your drink one is greeted by a lovely image.  
Rug pads are not the most interesting topic to build a blog post around but often times in interior design it is the underpinning and foundations that truly make for great design.  We love our new Pakistanian hand-woven area rug from Medallion Rugs in California.  This future family heirloom is gorgeous and we chose it for our NYC dining room to compliment the tone-on-tone Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper and Swedish and French furniture, but not until we found the correct rug pad did the rug finally settle into its own with panache.  

Spring has sprung, the cherry trees are blooming along Park Avenue and Central Park is exploding with color and blossoms.  This makes for a perfect time to gather friends for a Mother's Day tea.  Tea parties are often the easiest events to host and an opportune time to pull out the best plates and silver, then don the table with pretty flowers.  I collect a unique set of American Japanese-inspired Luster ware tea sets from the 1940s, a popular style during that era.  They have a pretty shimmer and they're dainty so they fit perfectly in my small dining room.  

Our new rug is traditional in a way but the vivid teal color and bold design give it a modern feel, and it is the perfect addition to my dining room.  The plush pile against stocking feet is nice with all the hardwood floors throughout the apartment, but after we laid it down we couldn't seem to find the perfect rug pad to keep it in place.  So, up it came for a bit and the floor was bare once again.  Since this small dining room is a high traffic area and the only entry to our kitchen we are in and out of the room often, and without a pad to hold the rug in place we slipped, creating a dangerous situation at times.  After shopping for pads, we found more than one that wasn't right because they made the rug stick up too much or didn't seem to help the slipping and now we were tripping as well. Finally, we found the perfect pad and it became like the story of the Three Little Bears, this pad was "just right" laying flat and holding the rug in place and although firm it didn't make the rug stiff or raised up too much from the floor as others had done.  We used the Premium Lock Pad from Rug Pad USA under our new 8X10 cut pile Pakistanian rug.  The Premium-Lock is a felt and rubber combination anchoring the rug firmly but with a soft feel.  The felt surface is designed to stop curling and bunching while the rubber backing holds it firmly in place, so no more slipping.  Just in time for Spring, we can finally enjoy our rug, and never think about the pad situation again, until we need another rug.  Believe me, we have Rug Pads USA on speed dial for our clients' rug pads now as well.  
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara

 You can see the rug pad does its job quite well because you never
even think about the pad again after you put the rug down!