WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog

WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog
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Three Beautiful Rooms in A Historic Townhouse in New York City-- Holiday House New York 2019

Essential Living Tips
I Gleaned from 
Three Beautiful Rooms 
Holiday House New York City 2019

Each year I look forward to touring Holiday House New York which is almost always set in a gorgeous and sometimes historic townhouse.  This year's home is both historic and gorgeous and each designer brings a fresh new focus to the space. The designs are layered, sometimes moody and very luxurious, and while they seem to tell stories of days gone by they also feel current to how we live today. I am fortunate to have had many behind-the-scenes experiences at the house. I visited during a magical snowstorm for a ladies luncheon in Elsa Soyars dining room, then a quiet morning to see all the rooms again, then during a busy holiday wine tasting and panel discussion in the kitchen designed by Keith Baltimore, as well as a tea party and talk in the Breakfast at Tiffany-inspired salon by designer Ally Coulter. Today, I'm sharing three things I learned from three rooms at Holiday House. There are only a few short days left until Holiday House closes (until December 15) so I hope you'll put it on your New York Holiday to-do list. 
Holiday House New York
125 East 65th Street
Open Until December 15,2019
1. A Little Bit of Luxury is Essential  
what I learned from Ally Coulter's Breakfast at Tiffany's Salon is that luxury is essential for today's living.  This room acts as inspiration and encourages to carve out a space in your home, a respite where you feel pampered and luxurious, and reminded to live in the moment.  When you enter the salon, you immediately feel like turning off your phone and reveling in the details. I noticed the custom cabinetry chock-filled with Tiffany and Jimmy Choo accessories, the rock and crystal chandelier and sconces, the gorgeous French pleated drapery and all while perched on the plush Rugiano sofas. 

2. The Kitchen Remains The Heart of the Home 
This kitchen is unusual since it is located in the basement of the home with an adjoining, stunning courtyard by Elsa Soyars. It feels unique to living in New York City, a city where we make it work while wielding great style.  Designer Keith Baltimore of the Baltimore Design Center brings his talent to the kitchen and then shared his thoughts with us during a wine tasting given by Wolffer Estates Vineyard from the East End of Long Island and hosted by Badilla Painting.  A panel of designers sat with Keith and collaborated on their nuances and discoveries about living and designing kitchens. Everyone unanimously agreed the most personal space in the house (and certainly the most utilized) is the kitchen.  Even for those who do not cook, the kitchen continues to be the epi-center of our homes and lives and the place we ultimately congregate to connect, talk, eat and drink.  The kitchens of today are not simply utilitarian rooms but as Keith showed they are a place of interest with art and unusual detailing and lighting. Keith brought in modern lighting from Visual Comfort and organic furniture (those stools!) pairing it with detailed cabinetry from Bakes and Kropp and dinner service from Bernardaud and generous touches of red.  
" If you want something to disappear, paint it red"
- Keith Baltimore

plates service by Bernardaud
I'm learning about Long Island wine 
with Keith Baltimore's team and the Badilla Painting team
3. Every Home Needs A Bar Lounge (or, nook)
Barbara Lewis of the Lewis Design Group's Cafe Society Bar Lounge illustrates how a small area of the home can be carved out as a useful, cozy nook and incredible space for entertaining.  This room takes me to all the beautiful places in Paris where I'm walking down a cobblestone street in the Left Bank and decide to tuck into a small brasserie for an aperitif, then I'm immediately enveloped into a warm and inviting oasis with candle light and Jazz music playing.  These are the feelings evoked by Barbara's room.  It's not necessary to own a large, historic townhouse in Manhattan to create such a space (but, you may need Barbara's talented design skills).  She brought us a jewel-box of sophisticated yet whimsical design here that channels the glamorous Cafe Society.  Bravo Barbara! 

Happy Nesting

all professional photographs by the talented

Alan Barry photography-- the other not-so-professional (but fun) snapshots are from my phone.